March 19, 2019

Life updates

It looks done from this POV 
 Someone finally came to check the chimney and water damage. According to him, the problem is indeed the chimney. He’ll send an estimate…not in 6 months hopefully because I cannot replace the flooring until the problem is fixed and in the meantime everything that was in that room is spread around the house and the mess and chaos are not good for my fragile mental health ><
But the painting, curtains and decoration are all done…

But not quite in real life

The chair is still not finished because mom broke it again…I think I’ll just throw it away now because I have already spent too much time, energy and money on it.
In the meantime I am obsessed with apples…each time I’m stressed my answer is, let’s eat an apple! Which, I guess, is better than chocolate, junk food or drugs LOL. But I am eating a lot of apples right now (I am  at 5 kilos for this month alone... Cats are totally uninterested, Bunny even gives me advice: “you’re gonna puke if you keep eating all that green stuff, I tell you!”

Bunny giving advices

Business cards are still note done. Now I’m thinking I’d rather have something green than pink.
Not that it matters as I am not getting any sales at all.
I’ll have to take my laptop to be fixed soon. No software problem, it’s the casing giving up on me.
A couple years back, there was some water damage on a corner. There was no problem at first, but then it rusted and broke…so it’s pretty much keeping in one piece with a clamp. White trash classy there…

Well, at least it’ almost spring.

March 15, 2019

March for climate, March 15th, 2019

Frank would like to be able to keep taking naps in the shade without burning to a crisp
 Long political rants ahead...

Today is the worldwide March for climate.
Unpopular opinion: climate change is a political issue. 
But let's face it, most people don't even want to think about it. And many of those who do will fight you and tell you you're stupid and know nothing.

Here in Belgium, students have been protesting every Thursdays for weeks. Not a few dozens but thousands every week. We have 2 young girls leading the movement.
They are both teenagers, they are not extremist, they just say common sense stuff and yet they get death and rape threats from adult males.

Today headlines in the major news outlets (in that order): football, the gruesome terrorist attacks in New Zealand…and somewhere deep down, the climate protest.
This may change later in the day (it’s only noon here as I write)...maybe.

Belgium is a strange little microcosm. No one talks about Belgium. Not many people noticed/cared when it fell into the hands of far right parties. Here you’re not even allowed to say they are extreme right parties. Let’s just ignore the fact that their leaders and members attend all extreme right rallies in Europe, attend birthday parties of old Nazi collaborators. All is good in the kingdom of Belgium.

And which political side is opposed to any laws against climate changes policies?

Here we also have a very odd tax oddity, “business cars”.  It has been going on for years. In short, your boss gives you a car and he gets tax cuts, and you don’t pay taxes on that gift either.
Now, Belgium has a population of about 11 millions. There are 700.000 of those business cars…700.000 that’s half the cars in Belgium. And it’s just an estimate, because, believe it or not, no one in the government/state officially keeps count.
Most of those cars are German. The Belgian roads and motorways are completely
saturated. Yet, no one in the political world addresses this problem. “ we would lose too many jobs if we change the system”…but the truth no one will admit is that car lobbies are omnipotent and very generous.
How can you fight climate change with that many cars in such a tiny country? There are close to zero investment in public transport. If I wanted to go to the seaside (140 km away) using public transport it’d take me about 5 hours one way.

Shall I talk about how food and health are also political? Shall I talk about how obesity is a political problem? (and immediately get accused of fat shaming…) Food lobbies are just as powerful and bad as car lobbies, and energy (read oil and nuclear) lobbies, and health lobbies. Shall I talk about our decrepit nuclear plants that are all past their prime (like in: all spare parts providers have gone out of business).  
Shall I talk about how anti GMO activists are being convicted to actual jail time for tearing off some GMO plants in a field? When at the same time politicians convicted of major frauds only get suspended sentences?

 “You’re attacking my freedom, my choices with your idiotic political ideas!”

Your freedom of choices? Really? You go into a standard supermarket, you get the choices in between 200 fresh products and 80.000 processed food items. You really think you are choosing?
You think it’s your choice when you’re constantly told that happiness is a big car and lots of useless stuff and deadly food?

So yeah, I am really happy  young people are protesting. It gives me hope!

March 11, 2019

Business cards act 2000042

The remodeling of the second bedroom is at a standstill as I have finished everything (paint, curtains, lights, wall decoration) I can do for now. I still need to do the floor but the water damage has still not been assessed + I have a pinched nerve on my back.
So it's back to the business card.
Those 2 ideas are by now means finalized.
The orange parts will be gold in final print.

All in all I like the top version better but I am not sure about the calligraphy font(as much as I like it, maybe it's not easily readable).
I think the "thin" straight font of the bottom one doesn't work as well...

I like the full cat head background any case I'll use both, one for the front, one for the back...I think ;)

Also I am not sure about the tagline either. I am hesitating  between 200 different ones:
- Cute
- Cute jewelry & accessories
- Jewelry & accessories
- Jewelry and more
- Bijoux

So here's some  questions...
1. Full cat head of hollow cat head background?
2. Calligraphy font  or staright front?
3. Tagline?

 I'd really appreciate your opinion... As you can see it's far from done.

March 08, 2019

Remodeling the second bedroom

Remodeling has really started after the floor setback.
I decided to paint the wall and worry about the floor later, when some sort of professional has a good look at it. Said professional still has to be found, as everyone we askedeither were not interested or never showed up when they said they would. Always the same problem here.

I forgot to take some "before" pictures. So in short there was one pastel pink wall, flower print curtains and some hideous paper butterflies (which I thought were so cool when I got them).
Also the board trimmings had never been finished for some reason, so I did that and patched the thousands holes all over the room.
The white walls are still white (sightly off white this time), the pink wall is now blue/grey. Very stylish if I do say so myself.
I still have to look for curtains and check if the photo prints I like from Ikea match the colors here.
I already got a ceiling brass light fixture and need a new shade for the bedside lamp.

Frank the forecat is supervising the work so everything should be fine.

March 05, 2019

March updates

Keeping up with my New Year resolutions!
I still haven't repeated an outfit 2 days in a row (even when I'm painting LOL), have meditated every day and only missed a couple of blogging days (once because the weather was too nice to stay inside, the other because I had the flu).
I am still in the middle of the remodeling mess.
My business cards are still not done...lack of sales makes for zero motivation. Lack of motivation = zero promotion work. No promotion means even less sales. Vicious circle. I am just tired of working for no money...which is kind of the story of my life.
At least it's March now.


February 26, 2019

Remodeling and chaos

 The remodeling of the second bedroom has started.
Things are not going according to plans. I was just planning on painting and changing curtains and lights. Then I moved the bed...and it looked funny, so I lifted the (pretty new) vynil flooring...and ARRRGHHHH damp stains...Not sure where the water damage comes from. Either it's from the small flooding we had a couple years back, or it's coming from the chimney that's right behind that wall. In any case now it's dry but I still have to figure out how to prevent it from happening again...and change the floor.
Which leaves me feeling like this:

Because now I have to remove all the furniture from the room...and buy new vinyl flooring...which is not very hard to fit ...but is reeeeeeeeeeally heavy to carry around. There are stuff all over the house, and the mess makes me very anxious. And also goodbye money :'(

My little springroll
Today is also Pepita's birthday. I don't really know when she was born, but since she arived in February 2012, I chose her a birthday. She was my beloved little girl and I miss her so much.

February 21, 2019

The Captain Cosmos is now closed

I am a little sad my Etsy plug shop is now gone. I loved the design and kitschy feel...and my Marvin looked majestic AF!
But you can now find my plugs on (work in progress) and Storenvy.

In other news, the weather is still really nice.
I am still not happy with any of the new logos/design for the new business cards.
I bought paint to remodel the second bedroom and the chair I'm painting is at a standstill because I ran out of paint and can't find another spray can in the same color :/