May 19, 2012

The kittens turn 3

 The birthday boys!
Yes, it has already been 3 years since I moved and the kittens were born. Today Bob and Frank turned 3.
They were not very willing to pose together for a was a bit like :
-No I am not standing next to Smelly!
-And I don't want to be next to Farty!

So I had to trick inside and one outside ;) You can also see Pepita in the background.

 And some pix of the garden and house.

 I put hearts in the windows today...

And a little picture of baby Zoé, Bob and Frank 's sister who's sadly over the rainbow bridge already.


Kreativlink said...

Hahaaa. Happy birthday to smelly and farty :D

baahar said...

Happy birthday Bob and Frank !

Also, love how Pepita is never far away ... ever :)

Shebbodesign said...

Happy B-day Bob and Frank..
Your kitties are awesome Nathalie!

kraplap said...

happy birthday to you and the kittens; your rohdodendron looks great !!

MysteriousCats Amigurumi Patterns said...

Happy Birthday, Bob and Frank :)
Your rhododendrons are looking lush! Mine just started blooming...

Annuk said...

Happy birthday, sweet Bob and Frank!!!! And thank you from Zoe for coming to her party!!!!
A special kiss to sweet little angel Zoé, who is now playing with my sweet little furry sisters on the Rainbow Bridge!

Your garden looks wonderful, Nathalie, and the hearts in the windows are so lovely!

Happybee said...

Happy Birthday to Bob and Frank then!!!
They looks super cute!!!
I love the hearts you hanged on your windows!!!!
Have a lovely week!!!

Renathe Schneider said...

Happy late Birthday!