November 20, 2013

Wednesday favorites

A woodland and critter selection this week.

 Some of my Ikea finds. Cute colorful owls and leaves paper clips and matching notebook. Not sure if they are still available.

A mushroom handbag from MKLdesign on Dawanda. I love the color, the mushrooms and the retro look!

A cat scarf ^_^ . It is adorable and made by TaniaSH. You can find different models in her Etsy shop. I am allergic to mohair or this would be mine already!
Another cat scarf...well, it is a scarf for your cat. Squirrel is the official model for You can follow him on Instagram too to have your feed filled with cuteness ;)
Pikachu if Tim Burton had designed it! Hatboy on Tumblr is a great artist in his own right! Check his store here too.

 And finally ,let's get in the Christmas mood with a Lorenzo the cat card! Available here!

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Stephanie Kilgast said...

the owl stuff from ikea is cute :)