November 21, 2014

Friday favorites

 A catalope t-shirt *_*  now, that's even cuter than a jackalope... The original cat-a-lope T-shirt by SimkaSol on Etsy.

 I still don't own a catcave...I mean, my cats still don't own a catcave... They want this one, I think (they're kind of posh, all being princes and princesses) ...Stars catcave by Feltfocat

 New from FrauOttilie on Dawanda... Nature Art Print would go well with the matching postcards I already own ;)

 I need to move to Norway and get the nationality so I can have one of those awesome passports. It shows Northern Lights under black light. How neat is that?

Big Wild Bouquet bag by Starbag on Etsy. Check their shop, they have a big 50% off Christmas sale going on. 


Stephanie Kilgast said...

oooh that cat cave! :)
And that Norway passport is awesome :)

BHB Kidstyle said...

That cat cave is amazing! but I love the t-shirt too.