December 12, 2014

Friday favorites

 My new agenda from Hema. They always have the best agendas...and super cheap too! And this one is all colorful inside, with stickes and little pockets to put stuff, little drawings of cameras, birds,plances, feathers. Love.
 At one point I'll need a Dr Who Monopoly, this one would do...

 A cute triceratops necklace by Zoozjewelry on Etsy. They also have other dinosaurs and bunnies and cats and bats and puppies and unicorns and dragons...

The coolest bubble wrap ever. Heart shaped bubbles. I never popping them, never. Probably from Afternoon Tea , but I am not sure, I got them in a package from my Japanese friend.

And if you've missed it, here's the coolest way to visit a house for sale. They actually built a roller coaster inside and outside the house. *mind blown*

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