January 14, 2015

Disney, well Alice in Wonderland, ice sculptures

The Tweedles
 Last week of December I visited the Disney ice sculptures exhibition in Liège, Belgium. It was quite magical, despite the long lines and noise... and the cold. I am not a fan of cold, especially when you're taken from a damp mild weather outside to a dry way below freezing temperature inside. It took me really long to get warm again even though my visit was really short.
I also only took photos of the Alice section. I wanted to take more, but 1. I was too cold and 2. I could tell the photos didn't turn out too well. I need more practice to shoot transparant things in the dark ;) So squint your eyes and maybe you'll see what I saw.

The Queen of Hearts

The Caterpillar

The King in the Castle tower.

Card guards at the Castle entrance 
The White Rabbit...yes,yes, behind the Caterpillar...

More Card guards

Mad Tea Party

The Cheshire Cat



Stephanie Kilgast said...

I find ice sculptures very fascinating :)

Unknown said...

Wow! It's amazing!