August 04, 2016

Harry Potter The Exhibition

The Harry Potter Exhibition finally landed in Brussels. After having missed it in Paris and London, I , at long last, got to see it !
I chose July 31st to visit it (HP fans will know why), assuming the new Harry Potter book would be available at the exhibition shop. It was not :'(  so I got the e-book when I got home ;)
It didn't disappoint...even though it was much smaller than expected.

Luna Lovegood outfit. Other than her blond hair, I am Luna...same wardrobe and same unorthodox interests.

Wedding outfits from the 7th film...left to right: Ron, Hermione, Luna and Luna's dad.

Gryffindor dorm

Professor Snape

Weird gross stuff, I don't think I'd have been good at potions.

Half-blood Prince 's potion book.

Quidditch Wolrd Cup


Sirius Black outfit (Sirius fan here)

The middle wand is Sirius's, the green thing on the left is the deluminator.



 As I didn't want to carry around my good camera I took those with my phone, hence the poor quality. If  you've read and liked the Harry Potter books, you probably love the attention to details JK Rowling put into them. And that attention to details completely translated into the films. If you're familiar with movie props, you know most of the time they're really cheap looking and it doesn't matter as it won't show on screen...but not so for Harry Potter...even little things that'll be seen for 2 seconds in the background look fabulous.

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Ceraminic said...

I love this word, especially the outfits. The new book was very well advertised in the States, what a shame they did not bring it to the exhibition. E-book such a great thing!!!! I would love to see the show in the theatre:)