September 16, 2018

Back from the hospital

My cute Marie PJ's 
I finally had my appendix removed, 6 months after that major health scare.
As you can imagine, I was not looking forward to the experience. It was my first anesthesia, my first planned stay at the hospital.
I got there at 7 find out my surgery was planned at 2 pm *cries* . Long day. I was hungry. Desperately wanted some coffee, got a Xanax. That's bitter too.
All went well. The only really unpleasant memory is waking up with the breathing tube still in place (which is normal, by the way) and me struggling to get it out.
I also remember checking if I could still move all my limbs (which is not something I thought about before the surgery...go figure how brains work...).
I was not in  any pain, other than a slight headache. Even now, it's more like having exercised too much.
I was in and out all night...I probably would have slept all through the night if not for a dramatically sick roommate.
I could leave on the following afternoon. I still walk a little bit funny and the stitches are itchy.  I sleep a lot and the compression tights are annoying but I am otherwise OK.
And I am so happy that it is over.

rainbow cat patch

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StaroftheEast said...

Glad that's over, and that is all went well!

Stephanie Kilgast said...

Good to hear everything went well! Wasn't fun, but it's ok, that's the most important.
Super cute pajamas too ^^