October 30, 2018

Moving to Shopify

I have started the big move to Shopify.
I figured arther than spending 30 Euro each  month on renevwing on Etsy, I'd rather spend that money somewhere else.
The new shop still needs a lot of work as Shopify is not very intuitive...not as complex as Magento but defintely not as smooth as Etsy.
Still have no idea why tags create new section in your shop, for exemple...and it's hard to find where things are...but I'm getting there.
The pin and patch are already up and you can now buy them there ;)
Here's the temporary link to the shop https://dina-fragola.myshopify.com/  but it will be soon link to my own domain.


Natalya said...

I wish you to quickly sort out and start selling

Tina Lindholm Kanerva said...

Great idea! Good luck with your shop!

HolzundLeinen said...

Wow, great option, I am excited which way it will continue. Happy sales!

Stephanie Kilgast said...

Awesome! Best of luck with your new shop :)