December 14, 2018

Christmas feeling...or not

It was not easy to get him to pose in front of the tree...
The tree is up unusually early this year. It was pretty drama-less for a change.
I am not big on Christmas things...but at least pretty lights make the house a bit more cheerful!

Too big
 I try to keep busy. I cook a lot. I have made Xmas pancakes (recipe here), banana bread, I tried a new butternut recipe - butternut squash with cuscus, oyster mushrooms, parsnip, the recipe called for nuts but I forgot - entirely and accidentally all vegan :) It was nice but way too much.

Sugarpill makeup
I haven't written my Holidays cards yet, not sure I will. Have only bought one present (for mom)...unless you count this Sugarpill + Little Twin Star makeup set I got for myself  on Cyber Monday (but haven't opened yet). I love that brand as it is vegan and cruelty free, and pretty good quality too (unlike most cruelty free, cheap,  makeup I usually get).
I am SUPER ready for the new year... (especially since we get a new Doctor Who episode on January 1st too).


Stephanie Kilgast said...

Haha! I had to laugh at the Doctor Who bit that gets you excited for the new year :)
Cute tree! We are setting ours up this week-end. But I love xmas, I thing of it as winter fest and it's my favorite :) A bit like halloween is for you!

Arctida said...

Our tree is still not up... Hoping to fix it during this weekend. I love New Years but not Christmas, too much stress for my liking with everything that has to be done before the actual celebration... but I do love all the decorations and the holiday-feeling they give you :)

StaroftheEast said...

In Turkey we don't notice Christmas but now in the US with lots of houses decorated I do have a Jolly feeling :) I hope the New Year does bring you other joy besides Doctor Who!

toosis said...

I love the festive jolly Christmas vibes. Especially the Christmas markets with all kinds of small treats:)