January 08, 2014

Wednesday Favorites

My new wallpaper.  This is how big the Andromeda galaxy would actually look in our sky if it were brighter. I am flabbergasted. Read more about the photo here.

How cool would it be to have a personalized bag with your kitteh ? You can find it here. Estella and her mom make the most beautiful jewelry, accessories and house decor. Check all their shops. Star of the East being their main shop. 
A beautiful sweater by ShiliConfetti. I'd have a problem if I had to pick a favorite! 
I have been wanting this skirt forever...or any other by Madewithlovebyhannah . The whole shop is just my style. Damn import duties that make anything so impossibly expensive >< 
A cool deer brooch by Krize. Perfect colors and original art.
A dreamy cloud wall lamp by Stockhausendesign on Dawanda. I can SO picture one, or 2, or 3, on my walls. 

1 comment:

Stephanie Kilgast said...

I totally adore that sweater too *___*
want it badly :)