January 14, 2014

Oh Christmas tree Oh Christmas tree...

Better late than never, and anyway it's still up, here are some photos of my Christmas tree and decorations (aka "let's play with the new camera")
Yes, I have a peacock tree topper.

Day view

Night view

My favorite ornament. It was given to me by my gran  for my first Christmas. It used to be a glass bauble but it got crushed at one point (oh the drama that was...I cried and cried and cried). My mom fixed it with a plastic bauble...et voilĂ ! Bunny ornament always has the honor spot in the tree.

Kitschy music box
Some plush toys....including the famous Christmas Panda...huh...yeah, I made that up.

Mini pink tree in my study...it has been standing there for over 2 months, undecorated and quite dusty now


Stephanie Kilgast said...

Love the music box :)

gr8jewellery said...

That's the most unique tree topper I've ever seen! :D

JuanitaTortilla said...

How do you like your new camera? :)
That music box is so cute.