November 12, 2015

My Alice in Wonderland Collection - plates and glasses

 I love this seems quite fitting for my collection ;)

This plate is from a series sold at the Disney Gallery in the 90's. There were a few more pieces that I'll show you eventually. Though they are extremely pretty, they are also really poor quality, like some sort of plaster mix that chips and breaks very easily.

  A gorgeous glass blown and engraved glass made by Afternoon Tea, a Japanese brand. Note the pink heart.

 A traditional Japanese bowl with the Cheshire Cat. The Japanese are not afraid of mixing old and new.

 Another piece by Afternoon Tea. A dessert plate and bowl set. Once again the glass is blown and engraved. The plate is exquisite.

 Collectible plate by Kenleys Ltd. for Disney from the 90's. I am not crazy about this type of collectible plates.... It's a bit like those horrible Hallmark plate collections..."let's stick any old picture on cheaply made and unusable plates and sell it for a small fortune"

 A lovely plate by Sony. In Japan Sony makes a wide variety of things...

If you want to see all my collection photos in one place, I post them on GEMR too.


Heyme said...

The bad quality of the plates is quite sad.. If I'd by a ceramic something I'd expect it to last a lifetime and more.. the difference between handmade and mass-produced gadgets becomes quit clear here. Not that I want to diminish your cool collection, but you can choose the lasting items over the trash. The glass is absolutely fabulous, and like the bowl too.

Gabriella P. said...

..absoloutely love the quote on the plate...find that it fits me perfectly!!!!

BHB Kidstyle said...

It is the shame that they use cheep plate that is jazzed up to be sold for more money but the Japanese bowl is great!
... and once again, I am stunned by your collection.

AToM said...

I love colorful plates! But I usually like to eat in them :D
I know those ones are decorative but as a child it's very incentive to eat all the food in your plate to see what's under it (that's what I was doing). It's like having a Kider Surprise with real food :))

StaroftheEast said...

My favorite is the engraved hand blown glass, so dainty :) You could open an Alice museum!

Stephanie Kilgast said...

I'm with Heyme about poor quality. Handmade isn't always better though.
I very much like the japanese bowl!