January 21, 2016

My Alice in Wonderland collection - in the study Part 1

 I have been really sick this past week, thus didn't prepare any of my usual posts...It may not look like it but, yes, I usually plan my weekly posts.
Thursday being my spot for alice in Wonderland, I grabbed a few items around me in the office and took photos (it was sunny today).
Saying that I realize that many don't quite imagine the amount of Alice "stuff" I have. Oddly until very recently I never was under the impression that I had such an extensive collection, simply because I personally met 2 people who have so much more (hi Matt, hi Wendy).
All the "collection" posts I have written so far barely scratch the surface...
 This is a wonderful jewelry/music box from Japan. It plays the Unbirthday song and it came with a beautiful Alice heart pendent (that I'll show some other day). Made by the Colibri Group,Inc.

I love all the flower details from the movie.

A traditional Japanese item, a cardboard box covered in silk paper. It is exquisite! Neutral Corporation, Ltd.

 A photo box/frame. A cute little cardboard box to store your photos. Yes, another Japanese item.

 Japanase love their agenda. Each year they release an Alice one.

 There are many useful pages at the end with size charts, a reminder for your health chek-ups, holidays...
 ...and lots of maps of the subway and railway system for various Japanese towns.
 Interestingly those agenda are printed the "Western" way, (usually what we consider to be the back is the front cover for Japanese users).
This cute little guy. Little Cheshire Cat plush toy by Afternoon Tea, Japan.

Another very Japanese item, memo cards on a ring. And an Alice version too...I would have loved to have something like that when I was still at school. From the Disney Store.

 Tons of little stickers in a matchbox. S and C Corporation,Ltd.
A sample...

 A bright and colorful shopping bag by Nénet,Japan. I use it as my PO bag, all my outgoing packages are stored in there :)


Nyuta said...

Great collection! Love them all :))))

StaroftheEast said...

Oh we have barely scratched the surface :)))
Looking forward to see more of your impressive collection!

Tina Lindholm Kanerva said...

The red cardboard box covered in silk paper is my favorite of these!
And the agenda, would have loved one of those instead of my boring black one.

Heyme said...

Handy to have the Japan underground maps :-)
Wondering how Wendy & Matt can surpass.. they must have huge houses :-)

Unknown said...

Wow! Love those boxes!

Stephanie Kilgast said...

"we only have scratched the surface" haha, I figured :D
I utterly love the first 3 boxes! But I'm love boxes, so I'm biased.
And the floral details on the first are indeed so beautiful!