February 04, 2016

My Alice in Wonderland collection - watches

 With the White Rabbit always being late, watches seem to be  a popular Alice in Wonderland collectible. You can't really tell, but it is huge, it is actually larger than my tiny wrists.
 This one is also  my latest. It is made by Small Planet, Japan.

 This one is from the 90's and was sold at the Disney Store. It was in the collection "Nostalgic Time" and is a copy of a watch that was sold in the 50's. It came in a teacup and cute box (that I still have somewhere). The 50's version came with a plaster figurine of Alice.

 This one is by Alba, Japan. Simple, elegant design. It is not its original bracelet as I wore this one a lot and went through several bracelets. It is from the 90's...and OK, it is my favorite...because it is a present from a very good friend and I received it on a very special evening.

 This one was designed by Ward Kimball, one of Disney top animators from the Golden Era. It was sold in Disneyland in the late 90's. It is a limited edition from the Signature Series. It comes in a classy but boring wooden box. It can't have been very popular because I got it super cheap on eBay. The design may be responsible...I have NO idea why the knob is on top...even with  my small fingers I find it almost impossible to access.

 A beautiful shiny one. Sold at Walt Disney World in 2001. It comes in a gorgeous box shaped like a giant Alice stuck in the White Rabbit house.

Another one from the Disney Store. Colorful and just my style but I am horribly allergic to it...

 This is the coolest one. A limited edition of 750 sold in the Disney Catalog. It may look a bit boring...but when you have some batteries in, the Cheshire Cat actually appears and disappears every minute...leaving just its grin. Sadly that neat trick sucks batteries dry fast.

 A cute simple one by Lotus. I wore that one a lot as  I am not allergic to any of its parts.

 Another Cheshire Cat one from the Disney Catalog. When working, the body of the Cheshire Cat marks the seconds. Not the best quality though, I am allergic to the (cheap) bracelet and the metal  oxidised.

 This  pretty one was released for the 45th anniversary of the Disney movie. Alice spins :)

Well, the box says it all. It is from the Disney Store Watch Collectors Club Series 2. And if I remember correctly it was designed by my friend Matt. Also a limited edition.

Oddly I don't own any Alice (alarm)clocks...nor any non Disney watches..


Stephanie Kilgast said...

I used to collect watches, I had so many different ones until suddenly I stopped. I got rid of most of them I think.
But I still enjoy seeing watches and your collection is just wonderful! So many gems. Couldn't really decide on a favorite :)

Katerina said...

Wow,that is a pretty collection.
I only always have one watch, that I wear all the time.

Lucie Tales said...

Wow! I didn't realized the extent of you Alice in Wonderland collection! My fave is the one that eats battery with the Cheshire Cat smile appearing

StaroftheEast said...

You keep impressing me with your collection, 11 Alice watches, wow :) I think you have a fortune in shape of Alice in your home :)

Tina Lindholm Kanerva said...

Watches too!? I don't even own one anymore.
My favorite of these is the Alba, Japanese one. The minimalist in me like it!

AToM said...

I love this collection more and more! And what I love about watches is that they can have a cool and intelligent design! Like the spinning Alice one! I imagine it like Alice that keeps falling and rotating all the way trough time..

Unknown said...

Oh i think this is definitely my favorite Alice in Wonderland post! That may have something to do with the fact that i love collecting watches. :D

jjj said...

Hi Dina,very nice collection! I love it and Alice's graphics are the best! Where can I buy the first watch? Thank you. By by