June 28, 2018

Diamond painting - a new way to waste my time, huh hobby, I mean

Maybe you have come across those on social media already...but I had never heard of those until recently.
Diamong painting, they call it...though there's no painting and even less diamonds.
It a bit similar to paint by number which I never liked and pixel art.
You basically glue little plastic squares on a sticky sheet according to the symbols. Sticking sh*t on sh*t is my one and only gift...so that was made for me :D
Easy and time consuming...just what I needed.
The result is perfectly kitsch and I am not sure  what to do with it.
Next I'll probably need the sad clown, the crying  kid and the howling wolf...

Symbol chart

The little plastic squares stick to the "pen"...

The first one I made. Obviously the larger the painting, the more definition you get...that one was a bit small...


Stephanie Kilgast said...

indeed that is just right up your alley!
There's someone on instagram "bunnyxproductions" who glues tiny swarowski crystals pretty much everywhere, that might be up your alley too ^^

Star of the East said...

This would drive me mad, but it does seem to suit you and you got an Alice one so that is perfect :D

Natalis Iolalis said...

Thank you for telling me in detail what it is. Ebay constantly shows me in his search for diamond paintings