December 31, 2013

In 2013

I have never been big on dates and anniversaries, New Year is pretty much like any other day...well, a nice day during which I eat out that is.
But this time I decided to quickly look back on what happened  this year.

The good.

Philibert the cat moving in.

Am I close enough?
Pepita being fabulous.

Getting a new camera at long my previous one was holding together with a rubber band and I had to remove the batteries with a knife.

Finally sewing again...

A day at the seaside and a giant fruit waffle...

My shops finally picking up (still a long way to make it my day job but getting there)

2 trips to my favorite pet rescue! 

Salade niçoise
Cauliflower gratin
Birthday cake for my little cousin
Huh, ok, I don't remember what that one is...probably spinach quiche
Cooking a lot more. With my autoimmune ear problem I got a lot pickier about what I eat. Add to that that most processed food companies have been increasing the amount of stuff I won't eat in their food...down to Canada Dry which sneakily decided to replace some of their sugar content with stevia (most soft drinks now contains various horrible and toxic fake sugars).

Making lots of new things for my shops.

I look pooped but that was a loooong day...
Attending my first prostest for animal rights  organized by the Sea Shepherds in Brussels.

My health not getting worse. No horrible vertigo attack, no day stuck in bed... probably due to the change of diet too. Though I tried various things in the past, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free...nothing made any differences. Since I cut down on meat, I have noticed I am less dizzy, my hearing is getting a lot more stable, even hyperacusis is a lot more tolerable. My goal is to stop all meat in the new year...not just for health reasons though.

Finally finishing the workroom (well, still no heating but that is beyong my control...damn you crook plumber).

And finally I started enjoying blogging again!

The less good and the bad. 

Losing all hopes of getting my money back from the crook plumber and tiler and thus still having no bathroom after more than 4 years now. ( if you've never had house issues you have no idea how draining that can be).

Having  been bad at keeping in touch with my friends yet again. Sorry :( I always blame the ear issue for making me terribly unsociable...and really not much fun being around (forget the old  quiet even tempered me, I snap ALL THE TIME NOW).

Sorry if I have been telling you what to eat or not eat, or to stop smoking. But it only means one thing, I care about you!

Losing Doudou. Poor doudou had been sick for a long time and he went OTRB on December 23. But he had  a long happy life :)

My new year resolutions. 
Oh, wait I never have any. I am just planning on getting underwears that actually fit this year ;)


JuanitaTortilla said...

I enjoyed reading the Good stuff and how your health is taking the turn for the better due to smart choices. May there be more good things to come! And yes, finding underwear that fit is a big issue; it's probably one of the last things I know how to buy for myself!

Stephanie Kilgast said...

pah! just stop wearing underwears and you'll be fine :)

and great news about your health, we eat a lot less meat too and it has made us even healthier indeed.

Happy new year :)

baahar said...

loved to read that you found some ways to improve your health :)

may you have a fabulous 2014 with lots of cat cuddles and Pepita stares

gr8jewellery said...

Yay for the good stuff ... and the tardis! :D

Annuk said...

Loved reading The Good stuff, and enjoyed your photos! Well done on your healthy choices (no meat for me either, thanks), and I'm glad your health is picking up! So sorry to hear about Doudou :( But as you said, he had a long, happy life. With lots of love, I know :)
Happy New Year to you and your fur babies from me and Zoe!