December 04, 2013

Wednesday favorites

Wednesday favorites, cat edition =^..^=

A gorgeous cat sweater by Xenotees . She has a whole cat section there too, including cool pillow cases...There are also other neat, non-cat, things.

A felted cat cave by Gabbybykitty on Dawanda. I am not showing this to my cats or they'll all want one and my house would end up looking like the alien planet in the first Alien movie.

Those 2 handsome gents are the official models of Catinberlin where you can find stylishs and elegant acessories for the modern kittehs.

The tiniest of them all. A mini amigurumi kitten crocheted by Suami, available on Etsy. I can't even try to imagine how one can make such a tiny thing....

This gorgeous scratchpost is from Hepper, provider of modern pet furniture. What is really nice is that you can get refills when your cats have scratched the cardboard into oblivion.
A cat carrier...and cave at the same time... I can SO picture myself carrying Pepita in there. I am not entirely sure Pepita would share my enthusiasm... This cute bag/carrier is made by Lolaelella . 


JuanitaTortilla said...

I've always wanted the cat cave, and that CAT CARRIER IS A MUST!!! :D

Stephanie Kilgast said...

I waaant the caaaaat carrieeeeeeeeeeeeer!!!!!!
Eeeep! So cuute :)

baahar said...

love the bow ties :)

gr8jewellery said...

What great finds! Love the cat cave!!