December 12, 2013

Wednesday favorites : bug edition

Tights with cool bugs. They are screen-printed and then embellished by hand. Made my emteesee

Real bug in resin ring. No bug was killed for this ring, Renathe collects dead bugs from her windowsills and make them beautiful forever! Resing jewelry by RenatheSchneider on Etsy. 

Gorgeous mini teapot with dragonfly by Winchesterpottery. I wouldn't mind having a whole set...

A cute temporary tattoo by Pepperink. As much as I hated tattoos or even the idea of tattoos when I was a teenager, I would now love to get some...but well, with my stupid autoimmune disease it is not recommanded. So temp tats will have to do...and no problem when they are as cute as these :)

A fridge magnet...a firebug in French they are often called "gendarmes" (policemen, no idea why) which I always found amusing ...They have lots of other names too in French, "swiss", "african mask","cobbler", "noon searching devil"... The only one which makes sense to me is "african mask" as it does look like one indeed...
A bee necklace. This is so is made from a recycled birch tree branch and features an original illustration by Iamabird. Her whole shop is absolutely delightful!

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Stephanie Kilgast said...

the bug tights are so cute :)