February 12, 2014

Wednesday favorites : longing for spring

Only mid February and I am longing for spring. though I can't really complain about winter this year, we had snow for only a few hours and temperatures only dropped below zero a couple of times.
This photo is from Kew Gardens in London and is by Laura Nolte on Flickr

I can definitely see myself stroll through a spring garden in this adorable dress by Sarsparilly.

And I wish it was sandal time already. This gorgeous aqua pair is by...Crocs ;)  No, I am not a Crocs affiliate, but maybe I should ask ^_^

Vintage brass dinosaurs. Sadly this set is sold...it was on Etsy
But you can still get this amazing dino silk scarf by  

And to finish this week selection, a little Valentine message from Grumpy Cat. You can find more on Mashable. I love Grumpy Cat but I can't help feeling sorry for him, being dragged all over the world for publicity stunts :(


MysteriousCats Amigurumi Patterns said...

Me too! Never been to Kew Gardens, maybe I should definitely visit it! :)

gr8jewellery said...

Poor grumpy cat, even on a Valentine card now! lol