February 26, 2014

Wednesday favorites

 A new cool and cute nail polish idea by Ciaté. A manicure with real flower. The blue version here is Bada-Bloom. There is a pink one too but I really like this soft blue.
 An adorable "hurl-o-matic" cat ceramic sculpture by Notjustcats on Etsy.
 A pink cat coat...what can I add to that...unfortunately by Miu Miu. I have seen cheaper second hand car , if you see what I mean...
I want a polka dress for spring. This one is by Newlook. I have seen one I like at H&M too but it's not on their website.

 New skimmer ...by Crocs. I must say I like all 4 color combos but I'll guess I'd pick the khaki pair so I could wear them with more outfits. Women's Stretch Sole Flat by Crocs.

You may have seen in the news that someone stole that giant mango from Bowen, Australia. It appears it was just a publicity stunt. But...a giant mango...I want a giant mango now...for my garden...Maybe it's just the Bob (Squarepants) in me who needs it...I can so totally see it turned into a cute little house. "Hey, I live in a giant mango!" One more reason for me to want to visit Australia.

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MysteriousCats Amigurumi Patterns said...

OMG! I'm also in love with the new Ciate kit and that Miu Miu coat is to dream about!