February 19, 2014

Wednesday favorites

 Another super cute dress by Tutukshop on Dawanda! I am a sucker for cloud anything...

I wish I need a lunch box... those cute ones are by Asking for trouble.  There are many more styles available. Just give a look!

 How gorgeous is that? How magical? How amazing? The Light sculpture Forms in Nature.

Swatch has come up with a candy and pastry collection. I need that one called Caramellisima. The Swatch Pastry Chefs collection. The minty one is cute too...and a few others ...
 If you can't have a sea view from your bedroom, this is probably the next best thing. Well, maybe I'd skip the fishes and just have plants in there...but still pretty cool. Bed tank by Acrylic Tank Manufacturing.
A London Victorian house. Just that would be awesome. A Victorian house, in London, in the very nice part of London, with plenty of WORKING bathrooms, lots of space, an extra little house in the garden, a magnificent magical garden, amazing views from the top rooms...wouldn't that be enough? Noooo...it also has a spaceship in the attic!!!!!!
Drool here.

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