November 09, 2015

Halloween 2015

Where are the Halloween noms? 


The cake


Karin Pichler said...

Great impressions!
My girls would love all your decoration while I'd prefer the cake! :D

Heyme said...

My goodness! (Or badness) :-)
I never embraced halloween myself, but if I would, I think this is the way to do it, overload!

Estella Star of the East said...

Wow, so much Halloween decor, very American of you :) Where do you keep all this stuff :)))?

BHB Kidstyle said...

Gosh! You had Halloween full on! The orange pumpkins and black can to very well together. :)

Tina Lindholm Kanerva said...

Wow! :-)
I want to come visit for Halloween next time. We don't celebrate Halloween, not many in Sweden do.
We celebrate All Saints Day by lighting candles on the graves.

Palomilla - Tocados - Headpieces and Fascinators said...

Wow! You worked so much for Halloween, I didn't prepared anything!! I hope you spent a wonderful moment!

By the way, I love your wall paper! :)

Stephanie Kilgast said...

Hehe, you crazy Halloween addict!
Great decoration though!