December 10, 2015

My Alice in wonderland collection - in the kitchen (part 1)

 I am the worst kind of collector...I actuallly use my collectibles. Especially the kitchen ware.

My favorite breakfast set made by  Zak  Designs

A cool Ziploc container from Japan.

  2 gorgeous plates by Skater, Japan (they have the best stuff...)

Another mug from the Disney Store  (2010).

My current favorite mug, also by Skater, Japan.

 I've just noticed that my favorite items tend to be the ones I cannot break...I wonder if that's some kind of self-protection so I don't get upset if I break something ;)


Unknown said...

How sweet collection! Also my nephew will adore it, She also has got some pieces of Alice but not as much as you! Thanks for letting us to see this lovely collection!

Stephanie Kilgast said...

Yeah, I'd use them too. I never was too fond of buying stuff to put them behind glass. I like to use the things I love most :)

StaroftheEast said...

I would so love to visit your house, I am very impressed by the volume of your collection :)

Heyme said...

Don't you buy doubles so you can use one, and keep one safe? I know people who do that with vinyl records..
But I agree with Steph, best to use, see & touch the things you love most regularly, that's why you gather it, no?

Nyuta said...

Great collection!

AToM said...

I agree with Steph on this one! I like to use the things but I do it with care :D so I also kind of understand your point of view!