December 24, 2015

My Alice in Wonderland collection - Christmas

 As you can imagine, I have some Alice Christmas decorations. Unfortunately, breakable ornaments and cats are not a good combination. So many pieces are in the "to-be-fixed" box ( and they usually just stay in there as I have very little patience).

 The 4 ornaments above belong to a 6-piece-set. The  Mad Hatter and March Hare have to be fixed ;)

They come in this nice book like box. They're from the late 90's.

A pretty blue glass ornament. I don't remember where this one comes from. Probably Japan though.

 This is a china ornament from Disneyland  45th  Anniversary.

  A mini sock from the Disney store (late 90's)

The full size one.

I also have a couple of plush  toys that already have been featured here and here.

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StaroftheEast said...

Alice in Wonderland Christmas, unique but so you :)