December 21, 2015

Before Christmas

View from the sofa
 It has been unusually warm for December. Temperatures reached 17° Celsius several times last week and we had only one frosty night back in November.
This spring weather got me on holiday mode much earlier than usual. I pretty much only packed orders and did fun things the rest of the time. I went to the movies, baked, watched TV and DVD's, cuddled the cats, went window shopping.
I hate being cold so this warmth has put me in a very good mood.
A nice relaxed December.

Yeah, the tree looks good upside down too

I'll sleep on these,  don't put them up in the tree.

I am way cuter than bread anyway

Favorite ornament

Pink tree in the study...and Finn

Is that turkey time yet?

Wake me up for the turkey.


Nyuta said...

Love your tree and catsss :)

StaroftheEast said...

I expected a much crazier tree from you :)))
Looks like the cats are in vacation mood too :)

Unknown said...

Love cozzy cat and everything about this post!:)