July 23, 2018

New project

I have been half-heartingly working on a new project. No need to keep it a secret as pretty much no one cares  nor wants to steal my ideas LOL
I was super excited when I first came up with the idea, needed a new graphic tablet (got a Wacom, who would have thought I'd get a Wacom one day...certainly not me).  I installed the softwares I need...and nothing...
I want to make patches. Been searching for a suitable company  but nothing I am happy with so far.  So if you know of a company that  makes custom patches (and maybe enameled pins), let me know. Preferably in Europe, and not the in UK.

Frank ignoring me


Stephanie Kilgast said...

I just know a company that does enamel pins, but it's in the UK.
Here it is anyway, just in case "zapcreatives"

Natalya said...

sorry i can not help you
I would like to know the details of the new project

StaroftheEast said...

No idea, hope you'll figure it out!