July 20, 2018

Summer reading list

Summer. Bored. No plan. Too hot for my currently slow brain. Not in a good place.
So hiding away in books.
Lots of vintage UFO books here, probably the weirdest of my interests. Won't detail the books as I don't think too  many people are interested ;)

Not read yet:
Cartes Postales from Greece by Victoria Hislop. I admit I bought it because the side of the book is aegean blue (can't see it here) and has pictures inside.
The Savage Altar by Asa Larsson. Bought it because it's called Boreal Horror in French. I do hope there's some horror in there...
The Farm at the edge of the world by Sarah Vaughan. Bought it because that's currently where I'd like to be.

Partly read:
Yeah, I have the habit of starting several books at a time.
The 37th Parallel by Ben Mezrich (e-book). Don't think I'll finish that one though it's kind of short. It's based on a real story of a guy investigating cattle mutilation. Sounded intriguing. It's not.
Hawksmoor by Peter Ackroyd (e-book). Too complicated and convoluted for me. 2 intertwined stories, one set in the 18th century one in 80's London. I gave up after 2 chapters. Might try again if I find a French translation.

Kotori by Yoko Ogawa. Loved it. Ogawa is one of my favorite writers. This one didn't disappoint. The Japanese word "kotori" has a double  meaning, it's either "little bird" or "kid snatcher". But nothing horrible happens here, it's a soft, nostalgic and a little sad story of 2 brothers, one of whom loves birds and can only speak in bird language.
Fuku Fuku stories by Konami Kanata. A manga about a cat named Fuku Fuku (oddly re-named Choubi Choubi in French). I am not that crazy about manga in general but those by Konami Kanata are really neat. Her most famous work is Chi's sweet home (also a cat). Very kawaii

NB: The glasses are actually a photo prop as I can't read with them on ;)


Stephanie Kilgast said...

I read a book from Victoria Hisloop (l'îles de oubliés) it wasn't too bad.
I also and always read several books at once...
I just finished "a history of bees" by Maja Lunde, which is scifi, really enjoyed it.
Still currently reading Anna Karenina, though when I'll finish that one is a big question.
Finished Dune 1 and now listening to Dune 2 (gotten into audio books as well)
And then I'm also still reading a book about insects and the one about the trees' intelligence. It's too interesting not to take notes, so I'm slow with those.
I've also started les fourmis 2, but did so on holidays and it wasn't my book, so I still need to actually buy the book to continue reading... ^^'
(checking my goodreads) ooh and I read "et après" from Guillaume Musso, but that really sucked, I would not recommend it to anyone.
Oooh and recently (like last month) finished The Nix by Nathan Hill and this one was amazing!
Ok, I'll stop!

Natalya said...

Undoubtedly this is a beautiful list