October 24, 2014

Friday favorites

A quirky sea monster print by Dave Pollot on Etsy. I love this trend of adding fun details to old boring paintings.

An ultra cute cat wearing glasses sweater by Louche. This is the perfect shade of red too..

An incredible mushroom necklace by PetitPlat. It is made of polymer clay.

A peacock skirt by StarWear on Etsy. It is made with an upcycled vintage tapestry. Check the shop, it is filled with wonders like this one. I want the pink and blue kitten one too ;)

And those Crocs flats. Oh those flats! They're part of  a limited series designed by Mondo Guerra.
Kadee Mondo GEO flats by Crocs.

1 comment:

Stephanie Kilgast said...

aaaaw I'm in your Friday favorites :)
And I love that monster in that old boring painting :D