October 01, 2014

When life gets in the way...

Let's just say this past summer sucked big time, so in  a way I am glad that fall is here...
My brand new computer died in early August...had to wait 6 weeks to get it back, it worked 3 days then  broke down again.
I finally have it back but it took time to re-install everything on it...which is also one of my least favorite activities.
No computer = no work getting done...I ended up closing my shops because it was just too hard to offer a regular customer service first from a phone then a tablet.
And then having several people tell me, "oh well, it's not that bad, it's not like you need it for your job or anything" (read, you have no job anyway). Thanks. Because obviously I sit at the computer all day just to watch cat videos.
August weather was also gross. It rained a LOT, it was cold, so I couldn't even enjoy my forced free time and  the garden.
And then family matters happened. Not nice things. I don't want to go into that in details...but I ended up having my aunt stay over for almost 3 weeks. If you read my Twitter feed, you know how that goes... Having to cope with the emotional states of a lot of people who don't give a poop about how YOU feel.... Not fun.
The stress, the bad weather, the family issues made my ear problem even worse. The worst it has been since I moved here actually. Not that I want to go into details about that either, not today anyway. I feel lonelier and more isolated than ever.
I ended up making stuff for my shops...lots and lots of stuff...which I'm busy listing, but it'll take a while.
So let's hope for  better times, even if right now I see no possible improvement.

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