October 11, 2014

Wednesday- Friday- Saturday favorites

Huh, ok this a WednesdayFriday...Saturday favorites post... without a computer I have not been browsing the web much...and got really out of the blogging loop.

 One of my Instagram discoveries... Foxville Art (aka Anoosha Syed). I simply love her style and art. I am not sure why she hasn't been whisked away by Disney, Pixart or Tim Burton yet.
She has a shop here but personally I like what she posts on Instagram better.

Another Instagram discovery, I love her too, Frau Ottilie...I'll soon have some of her art on my walls...I just cannot make up my mind...bugs, bunnies, foxes,cats... She has a Dawanda store and here is her Instagram . 

 I admit...it's so tacky, and the bad Photoshop job doesn't help...but I still love those bedsheets. Galaxy duvet cover set by Anlye on Amazon.

 To make up for my previous tacky choice, here is a gorgeous and classy ceramic candle holder by TwoTreeWorld on Etsy. (she also has ceiling lampshades...just as gorgeous...)

My new favorite clothing brand, Yumi. I kept seeing their sweaters and dresses all over the blogs I check...but I had never seen one of their items for real...well, unfortunately a nearby shop recently started carrying the brand. OK, expensive, but really nice quality.
I adore that polka dot and bird sweater , Yumi The Dotty Bird Jumper

 And here is the Yumi Oh Deer Jumper.

 The Yumi camera dress and jumper are from last spring collection...had I known how nice they are, I probably would have ordered them. Maybe I can still find them somewhere...If I remember right they also had a T-shirt...
I am so sorry to say that even their "plainer" clothes (as in "without cute prints") are really nice too....

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Unknown said...

Oh these are nice, love Frau Ottilie's art, and the Yumi sweater, how cute is that? Luckly there's no shop nearby to sell them to me LOL