May 25, 2009

Moving out

Wow, I can't believe I have been in the new house for a week already. And what a week. I am pooped. It's a bit hard to adjust to the new surroundings, but the cats make it home :) Home is where Pikachu is, right =^.^=
On monday the 18th.
8 AM the truck is there...
It feels odd to see the house get emptied of its furniture and zillions boxes (not kidding, the removers called for extra help LOL)

They were done by 5 pm but the cat move was just starting for us.
I managed to get 7 home on the first day. Got the rest but 2 on the second and had to get sneaky for the 2 remaining ones. I had to give them relaxing pills so I could catch them.
But it's all done now...and they all seem happy in the new house and garden.
On the second night I had a new extra cat (the one the neighbours gave up ) gave birth on my bed. I was sleeping and suddenly felt something warm and wet on me...I opened my eyes to see Eugenie (the catmom) with a dark lump...lump was kitten #1.
She had 3 (only 3 I am saying with relief). And they are ADORABLE.

Arent' they just perfect...all fluffy and chubby :) ?

May 01, 2009

Friday is my Day!

Heli (from HeliS and helisengezer on Etsy) has featured me on her blog. If you wanna see my day, check it out :)
Thanks a lot Heli! It was fun to do...and Pikachu enjoyed the attention =^.^=