November 29, 2010

Secret Santa has arrived early!

Yes, it's a mini handbound book necklace by Veterok! It is absolutely adorable, so well made and simply amazing! If you like books, all size, leather or paper covered, check out her wonderful shop here.

Bob Mega Kitten is a big reader...just don't tell him there's nothing written in there yet ^_^

November 22, 2010

Monday moodboard all about ears

Today is all about I have an ENT (ear doctor) appointment. I have an autoimmune ear problem and it can be quite an obsession at times...
Here are a few of my favorites from the European Team on Etsy.

1.Abanico for your ears - fan earrings made of lace in black by vadjutka
2.Pinecone Ivory Tweed Knit Earflap Hat by bysweetmom
3.Alice Wonderland Ears choker bracelet collaboration by KarolinFelix
4.Ear studs Treasures of the sea by LAcentnou

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November 21, 2010

Photo editing

I get asked on regular basis if I edit my photos. The answer is YES, I edit my photos a lot. I am not good at photography and I have a very basic camera...fortunately I learned Photoshop at school ;)
Most of my photos start very dark and grey (I don't have any professional lights therefore I use only natural light). They lack depth and colors are always either too blue or too orangey...

I usually adjust the levels of black and white, the contrast, the colors. Then I make the difference between light and dark zones less striking, and play a bit with contrast and luminosity. Sometimes I also play with the color balance a little more.

Yes, it's time consuming but in the end it's not so much the product than the photo of the product you sell online.

I don't see it as cheating either, because what I see with my own eyes is a lot more similar to the second photo...

November 08, 2010

Monday moodboard

I think we all need some sunshine right now :) Some of my sunny favorites from the European Street Team on Etsy.
1. Martice
2. NancyvdBoom
3. Mentalembellisher
4. DeerLola
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November 06, 2010

Saturday shopping

This week I have been busy working on my moss range. Pleanty of garden gnomes and little animals and mushrooms on my work table...I am now fully stocked up for the holidays ;) You can check my moss jewelry here

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