December 31, 2015


All in all 2015 was a pretty good year. The year balance was regained in a way.

Finally the bathroom was finished. One huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

 Even the cats enjoy it.

There was a partial solar eclipse.

Sadly Philibert died of a blocked bladder. He was such a sweet kitty. I miss having him cuddled against me all night.
 Bruno the cat adopted me this year.

Pepita, la plus belle du monde
 Pepita was diagnosed with cancer. I am still  coping with that and trying to make the most of the time we have left together.

I went on a cool trip to the Puy-du-Fou in Vendée. Here ,here and here.

I opened a new shop: The Captain Cosmos

I renovated the  kitchen (and living room...still need to take photos of that)

I settled akward situations with old friends (situtations that were entirely my fault).
I saw a great Broadway musical (The Wizard of Oz), won an Ipad mini in a contest (that I traded for a dishwasher...yeah, I am boring).
I saw some great films: The Imitation Game,  Mad Max Fury Road and Bridge of Spies were my favorites.
Read some great books, I finished the whole "the Cat who..." series by Lillian Jackson Braun.
I did a lot of gardening...and actually enjoyed it.
And I had the worst case of ophtalmic migraine that lasted 2 weeks ><

But all in all, it was a happy year. Hoping for more of the same in 2016.
Happy New Year to all!

December 28, 2015

Summer in winter

This post was originally meant to be a review of the new Star Wars film...but there's so little to review there that I changed my mind (you'll still find my view on that film at the end of this post if you're interested)
 So far winter seems to have forgotten us. Here we are at the end of December and flowers are blooming. Heavy sweaters and coats are still in the closet and it is warm enough to sit in the garden.
3 years ago we were buried in knee-deep snow.

No doubt, it is December, naked trees, low sun...

But cats napping outside...

Pepita glowing in the sunlight...

Ladybugs wandering...


and kittens blooming...

Fresh moss...

Pepita is already checking for Easter eggs, it seems...

So is Bruno...

And now Star Wars, the Force awakens. What can I say? I think they added a 10th circle to hell where you'll be forced to watch tepid souless re-hash of good films/series for all eternity. This tenth circle is entirely dedicated to JJ Abrams.

December 24, 2015

My Alice in Wonderland collection - Christmas

 As you can imagine, I have some Alice Christmas decorations. Unfortunately, breakable ornaments and cats are not a good combination. So many pieces are in the "to-be-fixed" box ( and they usually just stay in there as I have very little patience).

 The 4 ornaments above belong to a 6-piece-set. The  Mad Hatter and March Hare have to be fixed ;)

They come in this nice book like box. They're from the late 90's.

A pretty blue glass ornament. I don't remember where this one comes from. Probably Japan though.

 This is a china ornament from Disneyland  45th  Anniversary.

  A mini sock from the Disney store (late 90's)

The full size one.

I also have a couple of plush  toys that already have been featured here and here.

December 21, 2015

Before Christmas

View from the sofa
 It has been unusually warm for December. Temperatures reached 17° Celsius several times last week and we had only one frosty night back in November.
This spring weather got me on holiday mode much earlier than usual. I pretty much only packed orders and did fun things the rest of the time. I went to the movies, baked, watched TV and DVD's, cuddled the cats, went window shopping.
I hate being cold so this warmth has put me in a very good mood.
A nice relaxed December.

Yeah, the tree looks good upside down too

I'll sleep on these,  don't put them up in the tree.

I am way cuter than bread anyway

Favorite ornament

Pink tree in the study...and Finn

Is that turkey time yet?

Wake me up for the turkey.

December 18, 2015

Friday Favorites

Lillian playing with an abstract thought by Matteart on Etsy.

 Let's climb the highest mountain by Frauotillie on Dawanda.

 The hippo factory by PearsonMaron on Etsy

 A mega cute felted cat by OlgaMareeva on Etsy

And a bear in underwear cake plate by jimobobart on Etsy.

December 17, 2015

My Alice in Wonderland collection - in the kitchen (part2)

A Japanese bento box by Skater. I like how Japanese items are so well designed and practical and good quality and pretty ...

2 large melamine plates also by Skater, Japan

And a pretty plastic container (from a set of 3 but the 2 others are used somewhere else) ...yes, Skater too.

A lovely China mug from the Disney Store.

And a fun Cheshire Cat mug from Disneyland Paris.