September 20, 2010

Monday Moodboard- Help a Friend

Frances, aka Matchstickgirl and Enchantedpond on Etsy, a friend from the European Street Team, is having a HUGE BOGO sale in her shops to fund her artist residency in Italy.

Time is short...and it would be such a wasted opportunity if she couldn't go just for lack of money!!!
Go check her shops, I am sure you'll find something you like in her magical world... Go read the details of her dreams on her BLOG
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September 06, 2010

Monday moodboard Europe For Charity

All items this week were donated to the EuropeForCharity shop.
All the proceeds (i.e. item price - Etsy fees) will currently go to the flood victims in Pakistan.

1.Crocheted red bird - donated by sabahnur
2.The garnet felted scarf - donated by IngerMaaike
3.Red spheres - donated by Donauluft
4.Cats Love - print 14x18cm (5.5 x 7 inches) - donated by krize

You can view more moodboards on Fleurfatale's blog.