May 26, 2011

Gazette's nose

If you remember Gazette you noticed his nose was entirely black...well that was until recently.
Yes, a tiny pink dot appeared on his nose after a trip to the vet. Gazette hurt his nose a little while in the carrier...and it healed pink. How cute ^_^

May 16, 2011

Monday moodboard Kawaii!

Kawaii picks from the European Street Team on Etsy!
1. PetitsPixels
2. Swiedebie
3. Tizzalicious
4. Sabahnur

You can view more moodboards from Europe on Star of the East blog

May 09, 2011


FINALLY I have my own online shop! It took a while with many setbacks but I finally got there.
For the time being I'll just offer my gooey cute line there but will hopefully expand to other things fast.
So to celebrate there's a 20% discount on everything! Just enter the code OPENING at check out!
Enjoy! Click here to go to my brand new shop!

May 05, 2011

Star Cat of the Day : Frank

Frank with mouse toys in daybed

Frank Kitten McBain is Bob's brother, and Eugénie's son. He is also known as Fronk, Frankie Nutella, Frank d'Amour.

He was the smallest of the 3 kittens but the bold one! First to leave the nest, first to explore the garden, first to try new food...Oddly he is a real little homebody. He loves his routine and tends to do the same things at the same time everyday...which is mainly napping.

Frank doing the Cheshire Cat

He is also the only of the 3 kittens to look a bit like his Persian mom with a flatter nose, big chin and big round eyes. He is very good-looking...and I usually take a lot of pictures of him as he is so photogenic (and doesn't move much).

Frank in the snow

He got his nickname "Frankie Nutella" after he stole a bit of nutella pancake in my plate. He didn't eat it but he got nutella all over himself...and I can tell you that a nutella smelling kitten DOES send mixed messages to my brain LOL

Frank being übercute

Frank is not very cuddly. Well, he hardly ever asks for a cuddle...but as a friend pointed out, why would he bother "you're always running after him and cuddling him whether he wants it or not". True enough ;)

Release the kraken!

Frank is usually very quiet and easy going...except when you eat poultry...then he completely loses it. He'll attack you and try to steal everything he can.