April 22, 2014

New floor in the office

Daget inspecting the empty room
I didn't really take a break during this Easter holiday. My shops were in semi-vacation mode but I had lots of plans for the house. I finally placed a new vinyl floor in my office. It used to be an old wooden floor, it was OK but needed lots of work to look nice + with the tiler's crappy work in the hallway, transition between rooms was not very smooth...a gaping hole and a 1cm height difference  were not pretty.
The hardest part was removing all the furniture and stuff. Fortunately I didn't have to remove the huge shelves on the left as they are attached to the wall. 
Vinyl being unrolled
First I covered the whole room with thin MDF planks (not pictured because ugly and...well, I forgot too) and then I dragged the vinyl roll into the room. That's kind of tough  because it is heavy.
Some cuttings and double sticky tape required et voilĂ !

Note the pretty brass transition bar there ...no more  ugly hole.
The furniture was re-arranged and I have more space now.

Pepita didn't like all the commotion, she looked very worried and requested cuddles all the time. Once the room was finished (but still empty)...it turned into her personal training dojo. She'd bring a toy and play like crazy. She was slightly disappointed when I brought the furniture back in.

April 03, 2014

Wednesday favorites ...on Thursday

Yes, I know it is Thursday...but the  weather has been incredibly nice and warm so I spent a lot of time in the garden...and not so much browsing the internet this week...
So what did I like this week...
 It was actually so warm even  in the evenings that I did some star gazing ....I saw a shooting star too *_*  This is a  starry locket handprinted by locketfox on Etsy. This constellation is Aquarius, it is not my star sign but it is the constellation I like best.
One of my favorite blogs ever! I keep checking it several times a day even though it is updated only once a week or so ;) Plumdog Blog by Emma Chichester Clark is one of the cutest things you can see on the www. If the style is familiar (tell me I am not the only one into children books) it is because Emma is also behind the Blue Kangooroo children book series. She also illustrated a version of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass . Yeah, OK, I am a fan :D 

I also played with the cats a lot, made some custom orders, finished my first guerilla gardening session of the year, cooked a lot... I guess I accidentally switched to summer mode a bit early...