April 26, 2015

Reassessing the situation

2 weeks ago I snapped. The weather was beautiful...and I just couldn't handle the pressure of handling 4 shops any longer. So much work, it was/is always on my mind...feeling guilty about not being more successful despite all the stupid hours I put into it. I felt stuck, I wanted something to work just for once. And I just snapped.
I put my gardening clothes on and I mowed the lawn...and enjoyed it. I painted planters, I cut branches, fixed some borders. Then, when the garden was all clean and pretty, I got the garden swing cushions out...and spent pretty much the next 2 weeks in the garden. It was nice, restful. I didn't think of the shops. Oh I still shipped orders if something sold...but that was about it. And I was unusually happy and at peace.
And then when I was done doing ...well...nothing...I reassessed my situation. Do I keep working on those shops that are simply not working? Do I just give up? I  couldn't possibly do more hours. I need to change something but what? I have not reached any final decisions yet but I know I am not letting that eat my life away again.
I am closing my Storenvy shop. It'll be easier to look after 3 shops than 4.
I may lower my prices too. I know some of you will be horrified reading that...as it is poor business practice in general...but all my competitors are either cheaper or more expensive, being in the middle range does nothing for me...and I am not comfortable raising my prices.
I may also separate my plugs and kawaii jewelry. I know it's harder to look after several shops (duh...I just said I was closing one LOL) but I no longer feel those 2 ranges fit together. And maybe it'll just give me a new outlook on things.
Or I may just rob and bank and move to a warm places with the cats.
Oh and the lawn needs mowing again now...
Gardening done!

This went to the recycling park (2 trips)
Pepita helped.

I also painted the new planters

This garden is too big

You can see the garden swing where I spent most of my time

April 03, 2015

April 02, 2015

Cat tent...handmade

As I have too much free time, when a friend sent me this video on how to build a cat tent, I had to try right away.

 OK, the result was a bit less...perfect than planned. Cats were totally unimpressed. No one would go in. Diego and Frank sniffed it and ran away.

 Finally, today, Pepita, after inspecting it from the other side of the room for an hour of so, took the plunge.

She didn't stay in very long, I suppose it's a bit too small...or not classy enough for  Princess Kitten.