June 30, 2016

Cat humor

Bruno, you're fat...

I'm not fat, I am PRETTY!

Yes, you're pretty fat...

OK, it looks like I have too much time on my hands here...

June 27, 2016

Instagram bootcamp

As I am on top on things, not at all overwhelmed by all the stuff I have to do and the cats and people I have to look after (huh...I might be a little bit sarcastic here) I decided to take an Instagram Bootcamp.
It's only a week, it started today and it was a spur of the moment thing...
You can join too here THINKCREATIVE
OK, I think my first photo stinks (you can check my Instagram here) so there's lots of room for improvement.

June 23, 2016

Wet season...monsoon maybe?

Hygrocybe conica, aka blackening waxcap
 It's been raining A LOT lately...and I mean A LOT...the garden turned into a paddyfield...and we're getting strange mushrooms I had never seen before...

 Even the cats were intrigued.

Pepita needed to investigate.

It stinks.
I am not even getting near it.

June 20, 2016

Unsaleable stuff...but very kawaii stuff

That is my main problem...the things I  enjoy making the most are the things I sell the least...if at all. As sales are super slow in the summer anyway, I decided to indulge  myself and make a whole lot of unsaleable stuff...
Like this pink poney extravagant necklace...
I have been told they're not selling because they're too expensive...indeed, they're not cheap...but when I'm done calculating the supplies and time I spent on them, I am selling them really cheap ...

...or this black bunny plush one!

They are in my Etsy, Dawanda and Alittlemarket shops.

June 09, 2016

My Alice in Wonderland collection - new Japanese arrival

My Japanese friend sent me another dreamy package...

Isn't it pretty? I love every bit of it. The design, the style, the shape, the colors...and it's super flattering worn too...and it says Tokyo Disney Resort too

 And look at the details on the back!

A pack of macha cookies by Morinaga.

 I didn't get any Alice ones though...
  A pretty book? Box?

An amazing sticks and spoon set.

  The little book is to rest your sticks on it...

The most beautiful little cup ever.

  and it has Dinah on it, so it's even more beautiful ;)

 By Maebata, Japan.

  Teacup and saucer from Tokyo Disney Resort.

  The cutest plush keyrings from the Japanese Disney Store.

I finally have a plush Dinah
 It's from a set of 12...and ok, I have been toying with the idea of getting the 10 others from Ebay...because they're so cool...an would look neat over my desk...

And as a bonus, meet Gelatoni, the cat from Tokyo Disney Resort...he is currently dangling from my handbag :D

June 02, 2016

New mermaid brooches ...OOAK

New in my shop (OK I made them a while back but seriously considered keeping them for myself), 5 heart-shaped-mermaid wooden brooches.

  There are only 5, each being totally OOAk as I won't be able to find supplies to make similar ones.
They're listed in my Dina Fragola shop on Etsy.