June 07, 2013

A summer day, cat edition

Summer is finally here after a cold and wet May. June is bringing some sunshine.
Cats are happy.
Frank not pleased I am not letting him in through the window for the 20th time that day...
Doudou (aka Voldemort) napping/melting in the grass.

Philibert being derpy

Eugénie with her not too successful lion shave (and you don't see her paws, she looks like she is wearing large fluffy boots).

Frank Kitten relaxing in the garden swing.

Pepita noticed I was taking photos so she came to supervise.

Pepita analysing forgotten rag.

Pepita still supervising...

Philibert being derpy some more (his tongue is always out, is it too long?)

Gazette being regal...

A rare shot of Frank, Bob and their mom Eugénie together...well sort of...