May 08, 2017


Dreaming of unicorns

I thought it was about time for an update.
When I'm not happy, I don't blog. I'm not happy.
Life is currently a long unpleasant drag. I cross off days on a calendar (make that 4 calendars)  like an inmate doing time.
Yeah, I hate my dayjob. I no longer even care if the boss come across this. Not that there's much chance with the carp IQ  the aforementioned person has.
My colleagues are cool. I even made a real friend there. But the way we get treated...blaaaaaaah
I can't get into details here obviously. One day I'll vent...LOL

Feeling close to extinction
At home it's not much better. I still  miss Pepita so much. Mom is a lot of work, to be totally  and brutally honest she is exhausting.
My health is declining too...ears and eyes going...Good thing I still have ears as there's a lot of stuff hanging from them, hearing aid, glasses...earrings ;)
My only hobby these days is sleeping. Seriously.

I had some fun last month with  US friends visiting for a week. But it also painfully reminded me how much I miss my old life and how much I hate my life right now.

On the shop front, very oddly though I hardly ever list new things  or change. No drop in sales at all. Which is mind boggling because it was almost a 24h job before.

Oh well, I'm miserable but at least I have money huh?
10 months and 3 weeks to go!