January 29, 2014

Wednesday favorites

Yes, those cute little wooden animals are actually postcards. How cool is that? You get a postcard and get to built your own little item with it. I have already shipped a few of those...and kept a bunny for me. They are by Formesberlin. They are made of  wood veneer and you can actually write on them (though I shipped mine in envelopes for fear they'd get stolen).
 A beautiful giclee print by Eloïse Renouf on Etsy. I love her style. somehow it reminds me of the 70's and the style at home when I was little.

 A super kawaii hedgehog and leaf jewelry set by AudreyPinkStyle.

 A beautiful fabric butterfly brooch by P8 accessories on Dawanda. I already own some leaf brooches from her shop.

A red plaid dress with white colar *_*  have I mentioned I have a "thing" for red plaid. By Newlook.

Not sure they'd actually match the previous dress but I'd still wear them together I think. Gorgeous fabric shoes on lulus.com.

January 22, 2014

Wednesday favorites - home makeover edition

Pip Studio, one of my favorite brands ever, started making floor tiles *_* Budget allowing, I could see my whole house tiled with those. Check the entire dream catalogue here. The online shop is here.

I guess the cats would be more interested in the following items...

Goldtatze (golden paws) is a German company specializing in clever cat furniture and entertainment units for our felines. I can totally picture having little cat bridges and UFOs (sort of little ceiling nests) all over the house.

And since we're dreaming, I wouldn't mind this incredible canopy bed. Euromillion win required ><  It is made by Lummedesigns in Finland. They have an Etsy shop too.

But I'll settle for this adorable Poäng chair by Ikea...and maybe I'll go crazy and get the matching foot stool too. I have had my eyes on that ever since this model came out...one day it shall be mine! (hopefully sooner than later)

January 15, 2014

Wednesday favorites

The ultimate woodland bookcase, the Happy Tree Bookshelf by  on Etsy. I'd gladly make some room in my cluttered house for this. 

 I love the simplicity of this dress. I don't really wear black...but I'd consider wearing this ...with colorful tights. This tunic/dress is by Black Cherry Store on Dawanda.
Adorable striped mittens with cats by Chez Karine on Alittlemarket

Another cute print from Emugallery on Dawanda 

And a Totoro print by Munieca (I love all her work...but this Totoro is perfection)

This WOW sofa. It reminds me of my Animal Crossing sofa *_*  Imagine, a whole room designed after an Animal Crossing room. It is by namedesignstudio on Etsy.

January 14, 2014

Oh Christmas tree Oh Christmas tree...

Better late than never, and anyway it's still up, here are some photos of my Christmas tree and decorations (aka "let's play with the new camera")
Yes, I have a peacock tree topper.

Day view

Night view

My favorite ornament. It was given to me by my gran  for my first Christmas. It used to be a glass bauble but it got crushed at one point (oh the drama that was...I cried and cried and cried). My mom fixed it with a plastic bauble...et voilà! Bunny ornament always has the honor spot in the tree.

Kitschy music box
Some plush toys....including the famous Christmas Panda...huh...yeah, I made that up.

Mini pink tree in my study...it has been standing there for over 2 months, undecorated and quite dusty now

January 08, 2014

Wednesday Favorites

My new wallpaper.  This is how big the Andromeda galaxy would actually look in our sky if it were brighter. I am flabbergasted. Read more about the photo here.

How cool would it be to have a personalized bag with your kitteh ? You can find it here. Estella and her mom make the most beautiful jewelry, accessories and house decor. Check all their shops. Star of the East being their main shop. 
A beautiful sweater by ShiliConfetti. I'd have a problem if I had to pick a favorite! 
I have been wanting this skirt forever...or any other by Madewithlovebyhannah . The whole shop is just my style. Damn import duties that make anything so impossibly expensive >< 
A cool deer brooch by Krize. Perfect colors and original art.
A dreamy cloud wall lamp by Stockhausendesign on Dawanda. I can SO picture one, or 2, or 3, on my walls. 

January 05, 2014

Winter sales haul

In Belgium there are only 2 legal months for shops to have sales, July and January. That's usually when I get a wardrobe and accessories renewal. 

A new handbag...by Nica. Pepita has already nicked it a bit ;)
Apple shirt by Esprit...2 euros because not only was it on sale but I had a voucher too ;)

Squirrel sweater by L&L. I need the matching cardigan but I'll wait a bit more to it's 50% off too. Yes, I have a thing for tops with something on them...bunnies,cats,squirrels,bugs... They also have a French bulldog sweater in the same style.

T-shirt also by L&L. 
Dragonfly top by JBC.
I love the collar!

Dragonfly long sleeve t-shirt also by JBC

And the matching velvet pants. Stoked that I have found PINK velvet pants :)