October 31, 2012

More little pumpkin heads or Halloween at Casa McBain

 I managed to put the hat on Daget. She was less than pleased and this is the best photo I could achieve.

 Diego (aka Mister Chu) was not too thrilled either.

 Oddly Eugénie didn't seem to mind at all. She even went for a snack with the hat on.

Pepita had to supervise ...of course ;)

Happy Halloween!!!!

October 15, 2012

My little Pumpkin heads

The other day I was thinking that getting a pumpkin hat for the cats would be a cool idea. My friend Ana from Mysterious Cats made one for them.

Gazette was super cool about it, I guess he thinks it's comfy to keep his head warm during a nap.

Doudou (aka Voldemort):  stylish and elegant.

Frank Kitten was less enthusiastic but still agreed to pose for a photo or 2.

And Pepita, well...let me quote her :
"I ain't no stinky pumpkin, I wanna be a gorgeous fairy for Halloween. I'll go pee on something now".