January 17, 2019

Making new stuff

I am finally making new items. I'm into rose gold right now.
These are scruffy tablet photos but I'll have a proper photoshoot later.
Still waiting to receive rose gold clasps so no necklace yet -_-
I am also making new plugs in the same style.
They'll be listed in my shop and in my Storenvy shop.

Also new cuff links!!!

January 15, 2019


List of orders for January 2019. Note the extra optimistic little "1" next to January -_-

January 11, 2019

New bread making machine

After 2 years without one (the last one broke), I decided to splurge on a new bread making machine. I also decided to upgrade a little bit as my first one was really basic.
Yes, I know I can make bread in the regular oven too. But all my attemps were really meeeeh so I gave up.
Store bought bread in Belgium is pretty mediocre, even in traditional bakeries...as there are not many restrictions to what you can add to it (and not mention it). I admit that I sometimes drive to France to get some bread I actually like.

I went for a Panasonic machine. I like that it makes a lot less noise than my previous one.
I only baked one bread so far. It was a bit pale and too dense to my taste, but still edible. I need better flour, I think.
And I need to find the right recipe too.
If you have any recipes, feel free to share in the comments.

January 07, 2019


One week into the new year. Can't say things have improved much...but let's look at the bright side, that DOES leave plety of  room for improvement.
I went grocery shopping again today...yoohoo...I don't enjoy that much as mom takes forever to buy 3 items...but today, I was aimlessly wandering through the aisles while mom decided what to get from the butcher's stand...when I noticed with sheer horror that she was standing next to my ex-boss.
I never left a shop so fast. GOSH, major embarrassment avoided. I can handle them separately (they've never met, thankfully)...but imagine my mom saying whatever crosses her mind (and thoroughly enjoying putting me on the spot too)...
One day I'll find that funny, I'm sure. In a long, long, long time.

One week into the new year and not a single sale yet. That no longer upsets me though. I just sigh.

I'm looking  for a new project...I'd like something big like remodeling a room but winter is not a good season for painting and hanging wallapaper (with the heater on, it's too hot and the paint and glue dry too fast,without the heater on, it's too cold). So I'm going to fix that chair Pookie is sitting on in the picture. One of the handles needs fixing (not sure how yet, as it's pretty damaged) and I want to paint it gold to put it in my bedroom. It's a real vintage piece from the 50's from my grandparents. I'd hate to throw it away + it's trendy again.
Should I paint the legs gold too or leave them black? Not sure.

January 04, 2019

New year, new start! At least trying...

From left to right: Frank, Bob, Bunny and Mercutio on top.
Trying not to get overwhelmed by things but it's hard. It's only the 4th of January, 7pm and I've already done more things I didn't want to do than I'd care to do in a week/month/year...
Already got stuck twice in traffic, went grocery shopping  (I hate that) twice too. Mon dragged through several silly crowded shops on the beginning of wintersale (even though I said NO). I am so stressed that my chronic migraine hasn't stopped throbbing. I keep getting issues with supplies I ordered and administrative mail/stuff not coming through.
I am the living Scream by Munch.
I am dreading/hoping for a heart attack any moment now.
I made a bucket of tomato sauce (cooking helps with stress) and made some new year resolutions:

- not wear the same outfit for days in a row (so far so good)
- say no when I don't want to do something (I said  no but still ending up doing them so improvement    needed there)
- not miss a blogging day (so far so good)
- meditate every day (so far so  good even though I fell asleep each time)

...to be continued...

December 31, 2018

Goodbye 2018, won't miss you


2018 sucked.
I tried to think of a nice, stress free day this year...still searching.
Maybe I have died and this is my hell...
I can't think of a single thing I've done just for me, just to have fun.
I haven't been on any trip or little break...unless you count 2 hospital stays. And sadly I've realized that it's the longest vacation I've taken since I moved here...9 years ago.
At the beginning of the year I was so thrilled that my horrible dayjob was coming to an end. I had planned a little goodbye party...and it never happened as I ended up in hospital. 
I didn't go out either...as I basically have no friends left. Mom is increasingly difficult to live with...and it's only the early onsets of  Alzheimer, she tolerated my friends before (not that she ever liked any of them...) and I could go away (and that's what I did most of the time, to be honest) but now it's really no longer possible. Maybe I shouldn't have given up...but it's really hard to live with someone who keeps being mean to everyone. 
What is really scary, is that I  see no way out of this. I need a miracle now. 
A young dashing Diego
I lost Floki the Wild in February and my old Diego in June.
Floki the Wild
I didn't see too many movies...but some were really good. Here's my top 5.

5. Deadpool 2. So refreshing, a superhero film that is not politically correct.
4. Christoper Robin. It was really sweet and moving without being over the top.
3. BlacKKKlansman. A very serious topic, based on a real story (a black guy infiltrating the KKK)      but really funny. And all those cool afro hairstyles.
2. The Shape of Water. Such an unlikely topic. A mute cleaning lady helping a strange water creature      escape from an army facility.
1.The man who killed Don Quixote. I like all Terry Gilliam movie. This one is no exception. It       works on so many levels. The film in the film, that references a film that never got made.

I read some good books. My favorite was Kotori (Little birds) by Yoko Ogawa.

I haven't been watching many series (well, I still don't have Netflix). I saw Stranger Things while in Hospital, I kind of enjoy The Good Doctor.
I am more into Podcasts these days.
My top 8 for this year:

8. Ted Radio Hour (from the Ted talks)
7. Stuff to blow your mind (all kind  of scientific and historic nerdy topics)
6. Stuff they don't want you to know (a bit like the previous one with a conspiracy tone)
5. Last Podcast of the left (paranormal and scary real stories about cults and serial killers)
4. Le Bureau des Mystères (in French, paranormal topics)
3. Open Minds UFO radio
2. Podcast UFO
1. Mysterious Universe (paranormal, but one podcast that everybody can enjoy without  caring much  about the paranormal just because it is really funny).

Oh and I've started meditation with the Headspace app. I wrote about it here.

Let just say that I've been holding my tablet pretty much 90% of the time LOL

And  my shops, you'll ask. Pretty much dead. I'll try new things in the  new year...maybe.

December 21, 2018

Headspace, guided meditation

Along the years I have tried meditation several times. 
It is supposedly good for all kind of things, including auto-immune diseases.  I tried several times with books by Matthieu Ricard but had trouble keeping practicing
Then last June, while searching for sleep sounds, I once again came upon Headspace. I decided to go for their free month trial. And I got hooked.
So 6 months later I still meditate pretty much every day, every night I should say. I know that the main purpose is not falling asleep but it’s the main effect it has on me.
The whole thing is very simple, the process is clear and you don’t have to achieve anything…just go with the flow really.
The app has cute little animations to explain the main concepts.
And they have really cool “sleepcasts”, which are probably my favorite thing and completely worth the subscription.
Sleepcasts are little audio stories with soothing voices and sounds (ASMR style). Sea, forest, garden, snow, river sounds. Every time you listen, it’s slightly different so it’s never repetitive.
There’s also a nice selection of soothing mix of music and sounds that I like to listen too when I read as it helps with my tinnitus.
There’s currently a New Year offer for a yearly subscription. But you can try the free month first and see if it works for you. It hasn’t changed my life but it sure helped me in more ways than one.

A couple years ago, I noticed a new app called Headspace was popular but guided meditation felt too much like a gimmick to me so I never  tried it, you know like those whale sound CD’s from the old days.
PS: I am not getting paid or getting any freebies for this blogpost.