August 20, 2018

Reading list

Not read yet:
Brain and meditation by Matthieu Ricard and Wolf Singer. Not light reading but it sounds very interesting. About how meditation actually changes  brain patterns. I have already read several books by Matthieu Ricard and I highly recommend Happiness. 
Ponyo storybook based on the Miyazaki movie (one of my all time favorites). 
The art of  My Neighbour Totoro. Making of the movie.
Partly read:
The Farm at the edge of the world by Sarah Vaughan. Gave up at 1/3. Not my cup of tea, family saga with flashbacks to  WW2. Have not even bothered to zap through to the end. Farm animal goring scenes sealed the NO NO deal for me.
Cartes Postales from Greece by Victoria Hislop. Quite a fun read. The end was a bit meeeh to my liking but the whole format of the book is really enjoyable. An anthology of short stories set in different areas of Greece. A perfect holiday book.
The Savage Altar by Asa Larsson. Some medium horror, very much in the style of Millenium. OK, quick to read, have pretty much forgotten all about it by now ;)

August 17, 2018

Star Wars Identity exhibition

Look, I am a cute fluffy ewok :)

I unexpectedly went to see the latest Star Wars exhibition.
I have seen quite a few in the past and I thought it'd just be another one.

There were still some original costumes...

  ...and some models...It turned out to be a bit more interactive, you get an electric bracelet at the entrance and through the different exhibits you create your own Star Wars character. I wanted to either be a Ewok or a Gundan...went for the Ewok as they are much fluffier ;)

 I wouldn't mind having this Jar Jar original sketch on my wall.

I used to make cosplay costumes it's really interesting to see the fabric and details up close. It's often surprising how "rough" they are.

I enjoy this kind of details, a bas-relief depicting an ancient fight of the Jedis against the Siths.

August 13, 2018


Yes, Halloween is just around the corner ^_^

Glow-in-the-dark ring

Cat brooch

Quantities are very limited as I have decided to discontinue those styles, so grab your favorites while they last.

For jewelry,  shop here
For ear plugs , shop here

August 08, 2018


OK, all the stuff I need for my first new item line have been ordered.  The first batch of patches is being produced, I have finalized how I am going to ship them out...and now I am over anxious.
What if this idea crashes and burns like pretty much all my other plans?
My first pin design is ready, all I have to do is to send it over to the manufacturer...but all the "whatifs" are creeping in my mind...

 I ordered new paper stickers (from Vista Print)

I decided to use up all my "old" business cards before ordering new ones...just in case...

 Fingers crossed the design  comes out as vivid and cute as I envisioned it...

August 06, 2018

New items

While waiting for my new products to be made, I keep listing my usual stuff.

My Plug shop on Etsy
My Etsy shop for kawaii and harajuku jewelry

August 02, 2018

Mercutio the cat

Watcha up to? 
Mercutio the cat is the latest addition to the McBain family. He arrived on Christmas day, terrified by the evening fireworks...I saw the cat runnning like crazy in my alley way, I opened the bay window and he sprinted right inside.
10 minutes later he was napping on my stomach in front of TV.
I searched the web to see if there were a missing cat ad, looked around the neighbourhood. Nobody seemed to be missing Mercutio. He didnt seem very inclined to leave either. He wouldn't even go outside for over 2 weeks.
He is very sweet and cuddly (when it's not too hot, in which case he doesn't know you). His other names are Mothcat (because of the moth shaped spot on his nose) and Muffin.

Don't take photos!

You still there?


Leave me alone!!!

July 30, 2018

Patches and self doubt

OK. I have ordered my first custom patches. I am super nervous, full of self doubt. Let's face it, nothing I ever did met much success. I am on the point of giving up all together. It's too hot, I am too lonely and just generally very unhappy with my current life with next to zero social interaction.
Warning, going into very personal stuff don't have to read if that makes you uncomfortable.(writing it mostly for myself)

My family has never been very supportive of anything I chose to do. The pressure was terribly (still is) overwhelming at time. I got stuck in a life I didn't want just out of sheer could I dare to want things for myself...selfish girl! How did I dare to go out with friends (let alone boyfriends)? How did I dare to go away alone (L.A. seemed like about far enough to get away, it was not)? How did I dare to have a life?
Unfortunately guilt always brought me back, cut me out from friends...guilt is still holding me and most of those people have been dead for over 10 years...And now I cannot get out of this way of thinking that I actually don't deserve anything. I don't deserve friends, I don't deserve a job I like, I don't deserve a boyfriend, I don't deserve anything that makes me happy really because I am selfish.
And even though I now know the problem is not and never was me, my lizard brain doesn't want to know anything and keeps me in my old non-working unhappy ways.

I should get the patches in a month or so. They'll be sold in my DinaFragola shop.