December 23, 2014

Xmas event at the pet rescue

Like every 6 months, it was time to visit my favorite pet rescue again. Les Petits Vieux rescues older unwanted pets...mostly cats and dogs but they also have some goats and  poneys . You can see my post from last year here

I had 4 assistants while having lunch :)

Yes, you may rub my belly

This one is Cassis, I carried him around in my arms for a (long) while. He reminds me so much of my Pikachu. Well, if Pikachu had not been scaredy cat...

 This is Cassis ' s brother (I don't remember his name)

December 12, 2014

Friday favorites

 My new agenda from Hema. They always have the best agendas...and super cheap too! And this one is all colorful inside, with stickes and little pockets to put stuff, little drawings of cameras, birds,plances, feathers. Love.
 At one point I'll need a Dr Who Monopoly, this one would do...

 A cute triceratops necklace by Zoozjewelry on Etsy. They also have other dinosaurs and bunnies and cats and bats and puppies and unicorns and dragons...

The coolest bubble wrap ever. Heart shaped bubbles. I never popping them, never. Probably from Afternoon Tea , but I am not sure, I got them in a package from my Japanese friend.

And if you've missed it, here's the coolest way to visit a house for sale. They actually built a roller coaster inside and outside the house. *mind blown*

December 05, 2014

Friday favorites

 Cool & cute art by KillkennycatArt on Etsy. They also have cute ornaments :)  (I ordered one with custom Frank and Bob inside a VW beetle)

 A golden dinosaur planter *_*  by DingaDing on Dawanda.

 The  coolest Christmas tree ever. A smoke breathing Gozilla! In a shopping mall in Japan. 

 Now, this would make an ideal present for anyone who likes cats...(huh, me maybe...). Sleepy kitten ring by Ionasilver on Etsy.

This would be my ideal pair of  winter lined boots if they came in my size. Children section at H&M. Kittens and bunnies and puppies, oh my!

December 01, 2014