June 29, 2017

My little tent

 Ever since I was a little kid I've had a passion for tents. Funny as I've never been camping and have never been  a scout either.
Every summer we'd build the tent in the garden...and I'd bring my toys and books in , and have my meals in lunch boxes in there too.

 I decided it was time for a tent again...so I got  the cheapie one from Decathlon. It was crazy easy  to build...took me about 20 minutes all by myself.

It's nice to be able to go in the garden even if the weather is not very warm...nor very dry.
The tent has become my little bubble of peace, away from the real life..which is not very pleasant at the moment.
Also,  I cannot seem to enjoy the garden the way I used to. I miss Pepita who'd follow me around.
I've barely stepped outside other than for mowing the lawn ever since she passed away.

Cats are fairly indifferent...only Bunny (who's technically not my cat) joins me for cuddles and late afternoon naps.

Diego doesn't like Bunny so he won't come inside

 It's nice to be outside again...and it's nice to have all those childhood memories come back...