April 12, 2010

Monday Moodboard

Baby, you're a star!
Well, OK, that is the opposite of how I feel this morning...but hoping it will boost me a little.
A few of my favorites from the European Street Team on Etsy:

1. BHBKidstyle
2. TomBjornDesigns
3. Azulado
4. PunkUpBettie

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April 09, 2010

More moss

Did someone loose his golf ball? ;) No, it's my new moss ring with a twist!
A new garden gnome also joined the collection. Alberic is waiting for you in my Etsy and Zibbet shops ^_^

April 05, 2010

My packaging

If you buy something from my shops , this is how your item will be packaged ^_^

Monday Moodboard

Some of my Euro Street Team favorites.
1. DeerLola
2. Florigamigirl
3. Tetabina
4. Nanouke

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