November 29, 2018

December promo

Cute in my remodeled bedroom!

Hey, look, they'd be cute in New York too!
If you buy the patch and pin combo you can get 15% off in my shop with code "noel18" until the end of December.
In my Etsy shops, there's still 15% off until December 30 (no code).

November 26, 2018

My shopless life...and gory movies

Dwindling motivation.
My Shopify shop is all set up but now I have to list items.
I have  postponed ordering new pins and patches as I don't seem to be selling them at all...and also  I was less than impressed by the UK company that produced my first batches ( Customs UK, if you need to know) so I have  to find another one.

My Etsy shop are completely dead (local search and free shipping pretty much killed Etsy for me, Belgium is tiny and not many people know of Etsy...not to mention that half the country won't shop from me because I'm a French speaker...). I have considered cheating about location, I wondered if that would trick the algorithm...
With zero shop work to do, I have plenty of free time.
I'm done with the bedroom remodeling. I sleep in, read a lot, catch Pokemons, annoy the cats, binge watch Storage Wars, I style my hair, mope around the house (mope, not mop)...
You can dress your Pikachu in this installment of the game, an pet him and feed him...
I have tidied up the study a little bit,  found some odd Alice things I didn't remember I had, like this horrible cap. Sorted out my handbags (gosh, I have many...), switched purse because the one I was using was falling apart, cleaned my pin collection, threw out old pens...
Man, I'm bored ><

Arguably the ugliest piece in my collection
Oh, and I send job applications, I send trillions of job applications.
A nice regular job would be cool. But I'm realistic here, my chances are close to zero. If the job is  nice, I either don't qualify or it's too far (and though I don't mind, employers do...).
The employment agency is on my back now, like I enjoy being jobless. They want me to take classes...I am so tired of their pointless, useless training. They wanted me to take forklift classes. Forklift. I was so flabbergasted that it left me speechless. I just burst out laughing. That went well. Right, send the half deaf chick learn how to drive a of the most dangerous workplace tools. Also, that fits my resumé so well too, graphic designer and forklift operator (?).
But let me put this in context for you:
I imagine not too many people stay up until the middle of the night to watch industrial training videos, but if you choose to do so, I recommend the forklift videos. They are absolutely hilarious and VERY gory. Impaled dangling bloody in cheap Italian horror movies from the 80's.
So free piece of advice here, if you see a forklift in a shop, STAY AWAY.

I also spend money I don't have (I have not been paid since my surgery, long story short but they lost the papers, I had to replace them and now they keep finding excuses not to pay, and that' also taking its toll on my morale...)...I really wanted that Nintendo Switch console, and then I had the suden urge to get my hair done (that's silly expensive if you want a hairdye too).

 I miss my shops...

November 21, 2018

November reading list

Random cat photo as I didn't take any book photos.
Bob in the forefront and Bunny in the background.
Not read yet:
Driving blind by Ray Bradbury. 
Still in the unread pile by my bed...

Partly read:
The smiling man by Henning Mankell.
Still reading it. Can't seem to get reading it again...

Cristallisation secrète (Secret crystalization) by Yoko Ogawa. 
I won't be finishing this one for now. Too depressing. It is set in a dystopian universe where things start disappearing, not physically but from the mind of people. So there are still birds, people can see there are birds but they ignore them, don't know what they are and they evoke nothing to them. 

The hand by Henning Mankell. 
A Wallander story. Fast read, staright to the point, very nice. Highly recommended. I like this shorter format better than the regular one.
Après (After) by Stéphane Allix. 
His worst book. Just a page filler with nothing new and not very interesting filler at that either. I zapped through it.
The Dyatlov Mystery by Anna Matveeva.
An odd book. A mix of fiction and a real mystery. The Dyatlov mystery is a real event. 9 people disappearing  while on a winter hike whose bodies were found in odd circumstances.
Though the mystery part is interesting, the pseudo/fictive investigation is not. Plus it's mixed with the investigator's love stories...bleeeeeh. 

That thing by Docteur JJ Charbonier 
The interesting point of view of a doctor on NDE's (near death experiences, or as he prefers calling them "temporary death exeperiences").

November 18, 2018

The remodeled bedroom

All done! Under 2 weeks.
November light (or lack of) is not ideal for photography though but I wanted to take photo before I start re-cluttering ;)

Golden wallpaper by Eijfinger

Square dot wallpaper: Shine by Caselio

Vintage lion head mirror inherited from my grand parents(I painted it white)

Cute LURVIG night table/cat hut by Ikea

Curtains with gold details by Maison du Monde

Ceiling light Maskros from Ikea

Light shade Nymo and golden stand Rodd by Ikea

To check what it looked like before, head there.

November 02, 2018

Remodelling the bedroom

So I have decided I need to remodel my bedroom. Actually that's long overdue as I haven't done anything in here since I moved in in 2009.
Like I have nothing else to do. My Shopify shop needs work and other things should be more urgent but nooo, I have to remodel the bedroom.
I am sick tired of that stupid flower and butterfly wallpaper (I loved it back then...) and I NEED to declutter too.

My  main problem is that the bedroom is dark, it is North-East oriented and there are a building and high hedge in front of the window.
I have heavily edited the light in these pictures.

Also I'd like to move the furniture around...but it's kind of small and haven't come up with a new layout yet.

Maybe I'll put the glass case in another room...

So, colorwise, I want the bedhead wall all gold and the other walls very light pink with golden geometric pattern. I'm trying very hard not to have critter/flower pattern this time...