October 31, 2014

Friday favorites - Halloween edition

 Unfortunately sold out everywhere, this gorgeous bats and flowers Yumi dress.
This fly in resin ring by RenatheSchneider  would match the dress perfectly.
If you need something more casual, how about this coolissimo ghost shirt by MaidenVoyageClothing .  Yes, it really glows in the dark.

Another insect jewelry piece...a moth necklace by Mariela on Etsy too.

 This year Women's Secret came up with some cute Halloween PJ's and underwear. Here are my favorites. The cute pumpkin PJ's and the ghost bra.

October 27, 2014

Steel and bamboo plugs!

Good news if you like my designs but not acrylic plugs! I now have steel and bamboo plugs available.
I have most sizes available between 0g (8mm) and 1" (25mm), and some biiger ones in bamboo.
The steel plugs are single flared, the bamboo ones are saddle-shaped.

October 24, 2014

Friday favorites

A quirky sea monster print by Dave Pollot on Etsy. I love this trend of adding fun details to old boring paintings.

An ultra cute cat wearing glasses sweater by Louche. This is the perfect shade of red too..

An incredible mushroom necklace by PetitPlat. It is made of polymer clay.

A peacock skirt by StarWear on Etsy. It is made with an upcycled vintage tapestry. Check the shop, it is filled with wonders like this one. I want the pink and blue kitten one too ;)

And those Crocs flats. Oh those flats! They're part of  a limited series designed by Mondo Guerra.
Kadee Mondo GEO flats by Crocs.

October 17, 2014

Friday favorites

A kaijuu print by ChetArt on Etsy . I already own some of his prints, I love his style and humor.

 A Lost in Space dress by Yumi (you're going to see lots of Yumi stuff, I think)...planets,unicorn and UFO's...this was made for me...

"Stay" boots by The Fly London. Love the shape, color,style, the sole (!) ...need...

Well, I like these too... Dr Martens in a color combo I love... Triumph 1914. They come in a large variety of colors too.

Hamburger Crocs. I obviously NEED these...but they're not available on the European website! So my size is W6 , if anyone wants to send them over ;)

October 11, 2014

Wednesday- Friday- Saturday favorites

Huh, ok this a WednesdayFriday...Saturday favorites post... without a computer I have not been browsing the web much...and got really out of the blogging loop.

 One of my Instagram discoveries... Foxville Art (aka Anoosha Syed). I simply love her style and art. I am not sure why she hasn't been whisked away by Disney, Pixart or Tim Burton yet.
She has a shop here but personally I like what she posts on Instagram better.

Another Instagram discovery, I love her too, Frau Ottilie...I'll soon have some of her art on my walls...I just cannot make up my mind...bugs, bunnies, foxes,cats... She has a Dawanda store and here is her Instagram . 

 I admit...it's so tacky, and the bad Photoshop job doesn't help...but I still love those bedsheets. Galaxy duvet cover set by Anlye on Amazon.

 To make up for my previous tacky choice, here is a gorgeous and classy ceramic candle holder by TwoTreeWorld on Etsy. (she also has ceiling lampshades...just as gorgeous...)

My new favorite clothing brand, Yumi. I kept seeing their sweaters and dresses all over the blogs I check...but I had never seen one of their items for real...well, unfortunately a nearby shop recently started carrying the brand. OK, expensive, but really nice quality.
I adore that polka dot and bird sweater , Yumi The Dotty Bird Jumper

 And here is the Yumi Oh Deer Jumper.

 The Yumi camera dress and jumper are from last spring collection...had I known how nice they are, I probably would have ordered them. Maybe I can still find them somewhere...If I remember right they also had a T-shirt...
I am so sorry to say that even their "plainer" clothes (as in "without cute prints") are really nice too....

October 07, 2014

New packaging

After several years of my shiny black boxes with Moo stickers, I decided it was time for a change. Also I could no longer find the black boxes at a reasonable prices...so I switched to pink boxes with black ribbon and a lovely handmade stamp .

  I got the stamp from HelloDonna on Etsy. It was fast and I am really happy with the result.

And this is my old packaging. You might still receive this one as I  have a few medium sized boxes left in that style.

October 02, 2014

Ma boutique Alittlemarket - My Alittlemarket shop

Alittlemarket est un site francophone pour les objets faits main. Il a récemment été racheté par Etsy et est assez sympa.
A partir de demain et jusqu'au 13 octobre il y a 12% de réduction sur tous mes articles.
C'est le moment de commencer les courses de Noël ;)


Alittlemarket is a French  site where to sell your handmade creations. They were recently bought by Etsy and it's a pretty cool place to sell.
From tomorrow until October 13, there will be 12% off all my items. Time to start your CChristmas shopping, if you ask me ;) 

October 01, 2014

When life gets in the way...

Let's just say this past summer sucked big time, so in  a way I am glad that fall is here...
My brand new computer died in early August...had to wait 6 weeks to get it back, it worked 3 days then  broke down again.
I finally have it back but it took time to re-install everything on it...which is also one of my least favorite activities.
No computer = no work getting done...I ended up closing my shops because it was just too hard to offer a regular customer service first from a phone then a tablet.
And then having several people tell me, "oh well, it's not that bad, it's not like you need it for your job or anything" (read, you have no job anyway). Thanks. Because obviously I sit at the computer all day just to watch cat videos.
August weather was also gross. It rained a LOT, it was cold, so I couldn't even enjoy my forced free time and  the garden.
And then family matters happened. Not nice things. I don't want to go into that in details...but I ended up having my aunt stay over for almost 3 weeks. If you read my Twitter feed, you know how that goes... Having to cope with the emotional states of a lot of people who don't give a poop about how YOU feel.... Not fun.
The stress, the bad weather, the family issues made my ear problem even worse. The worst it has been since I moved here actually. Not that I want to go into details about that either, not today anyway. I feel lonelier and more isolated than ever.
I ended up making stuff for my shops...lots and lots of stuff...which I'm busy listing, but it'll take a while.
So let's hope for  better times, even if right now I see no possible improvement.