October 30, 2013

Wednesday favorites

 This adorable shirt is by Hot Topics. Yes, I have way too many Alice in Wonderland shirts, but I still want this one.
 And, yes, I have way too many bunny shirts too but no mustard one. I need a mustard one, right? Mustard is my current fav color this season. This sweet top is from Kitty's Finds store. Check her store, it is filled with very affordable kawaii things!

 And, yes, I have way too many Crocs too. But Crocs are my "happy shoes". I see Crocs and I smile. Those pink and green sneakers look like I designed them...and , OK, I hardly ever wear sneakers. Still on my wishlist.
 Dorota from Emugallery has one of the most gorgeous shops on Dawanda. Simple, cute, elegant designs!

 I know nothing of this house. I saw it on Tumblr but no link. It is perfect. I want to live in the tower! I'll even take the snow...even though I hate snow.

A-piers To Be Tan, a new nail polish color by OPI in their San Francisco collection. I have been looking for a cinammon color like that for ages. It will pretty much match my entire winter wardrobe. Plus I love OPI's cheesy puns ;)

October 24, 2013

Wednesday favorites

Yeah,yeah,I know it's Thursday. I just had a very busy week, and I am not skilled at scheduling my posts.

 This is one of the cutest science books ever. PROFESSOR ASTRO CAT’S FRONTIERS OF SPACE by

Dr. Dominic Walliman and Ben Newman

 Perfect colors by Sugarpill. I already own some Sugarpill makeup and the colors are a.m.a.z.i.n.g. This is the Heartbreaker Palette .

One of my dreams is to own a piece of clothing by Supayana. I remember the days I kept being outbid on Ebay ;) Check her store for more marvelous items.
I love those shoes from Newlook. Simple,cute,cheap and what a pretty color! They're currently sold out on the site though but you may still find them in shops if you're lucky! 

This adorable backpack is also from Newlook . Owls, must I add anything more? *_*

And another pair of shoes...custom design made by Pony Chops  . KITTEHS!!!!!!

October 16, 2013

Wednesday favorites

A new section on my blog...that I am hoping to make a regular ;)
Here's an October selection...

 How yummy is this top by Bonnie & Buttermilk on Dawanda? I adore that shop. I like love everything they make. It's like they see what I like in my head and make it. Check their store!!!

 Some dress-up ideas for your kitties or for your Halloween decor? This print is by KilkennycatArt.

 The bag I have been drooling on for ages... It is made from  recycled lederhosen . There are different ones, all unique, obviously. MadebyP8 on Etsy.

 Cinammon boots...cinammon boots...what else must I say? Boots and cinammon color too. Oh, and they
are by Crocs...so not only gorgeous but comfortable too. OK, this is more than an item on my wishlist...I
had to have them. Those are Women’s A-leigh Leather Boot. They have different colors, but why would you
want another color when  cinammon is available??? They have booties in the same style too...but not in cinammon...still might get them in brown when they go on sale though ;)

An owl dress by Newlook. Wouldn't it look good with my Crocs cinammon boots?

And a definite fashion must have for your cat this season. The pumpkin Hat by Ana from MysteriousCats. You may remember that Ana made one (in a different style) for my cats last year. See here and here.

October 13, 2013

Cats in boxes season

Fall is here. Cats spend more time inside. They need boxes, small,tight boxes...

 Bob Mega Kitten fits nicely in this shoe box.

 Pepita prefers a smaller box in which you can find some shreddable tissue paper.

OK, this might be more of a sitting box than a napping box but Pepita seems to enjoy sleeping folded in 2...

October 08, 2013

My "new" Zibbet shop and a coupon code (aka shameless self promo)

I have had a Zibbet shop for the longest time but as the views were quite dead there I never did anything with it. But in view of Etsy recent changes, I decided to give it another try.
So to celebrate, you can get 15% off any orders of minimum $12 with code "grandopening". It'll be valid till November3,2013. Think of Christmas ;)
If you see something in one of my other shops not listed there, just ask me. Listing process is kind of not smooth on Zibbet so I gave up at 337 LOL